Be Thankful - always

Norman Rockwells Freedom From WantThe Hypnotized never lie”
– Pete Townshend “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It has none of the trappings of the LSD-induced imagery of Christmas or the Meth-induced imagery of Halloween – let alone the opioid-induced imagery of chickens laying chocolate eggs you get at Easter.
It’s just a time home with friends, family and those who matter. If you can watch football without feeling guilty about the head injuries or angry someone is or isn’t taking a knee, then you’ve got the makings of a great extended weekend enjoying those you love.
Losing a loved one at this time is bitter and remembering them becomes bittersweet.
But I’ve always found Thanksgiving to be the most heartfelt time to remember those we’ve lost and to enjoy those still with us. It is a time to celebrate our shared experiences and to remember the things that divide us are not as consequential as those which bind us together.


Dear young American little girl

Charottlesville 2Dear America,
What a beautiful name for, I am sure, a beautiful young lady. I received your letter asking me why I thought there is so much hatred and violence in our country.
It was a very thoughtful letter and I will attempt to provide you with an equally thoughtful response.
In my opinion the person most responsible for the very visible and blatant instances of hatred in America is none other than former President Barack H. Obama.
It seems to me that when this nation elected its very first African-American president there was a rather large segment of our society that just could not bring itself to have an African American in the White House as our president.
This segment of society sought a leader to lead them and their hatred out of the shadows and into the mainstream. They found that leader in none other than game show host Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump, you may recall, was the leader of what is now known as the birther movement which questioned President Obama's birthplace and, in so doing, questioned his legitimacy to the presidency.


Vandalism and Protests!

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Protesters take to county streets after vandals strike at churches and schools

MP1 3780High school students from Richard Montgomery marched into Rockville Wednesday afternoon to protest.  PHOTO BY MARK POETKER  

ROCKVILLE – Hundreds of Richard Montgomery High School students walked out of school Wednesday morning, and gathered at the old Montgomery County Court House protesting Donald Trump’s presidential election.

Meanwhile in Silver Spring, students from Blake, Springbrook and Paint Branch also took to the streets in protest of the election, chanting, “Love trumps hate,” a chant echoed by their fellow students in Rockville.

Seneca Valley and Northwest students also walked out in Germantown and Quince Orchard students did the same in Gaithersburg, according to Montgomery County Public Schools spokesperson Gboyinde Onijala.

While students voiced different opinions about the purpose of the protest, the common theme they expressed was one of unity, repeatedly chanting Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan “Stronger Together.”

“Unfortunately, the election was an election of hate,” said sophomore Allison Kuentz into a loud speaker. “Sexism won. Hate won. Racism won. Homophobia won. Trump didn’t win. And we’re going to keep fighting because we’re stronger together. Always remember, we’re stronger together, So long as we keep fighting for what we believe in, we have hope for the future.”

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