Man dies after being shot by Montgomery County police officer

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The man that police said threatened his estranged girlfriend and three-year-old son died last week after a Montgomery County Police officer shot him in a Silver Spring home.

According to police, John Carlos Natera-Perez, also known as “Jean Perez,” threatened his estranged girlfriend with a knife and barricaded himself inside a Silver Spring home, before police entered and shot him. Paramedics transported Natera-Perez to a nearby trauma center, where he was in critical condition until his death hours later. Police say Natera-Perez was approximately 30 years old.

According to Montgomery County Police, officers responded to a 911 call from 2800 block of Mozart Drive in Silver Spring, where a woman was screaming over the phone, and a man in the background could be heard saying “I will kill you,” before the call was disconnected.


The Safe Passage Center: helping families stay together

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IMG 2668The front door of the Safe Passage Center in Rockville, MD PHOTO BY ABBY CRUZIn 2007, Gail Pumphrey and her three children David, 12, Meagan, 10, and Brandon, 6, were shot and killed by their father on Thanksgiving Day during an unsupervised court-ordered visitation exchange at Unity Neighborhood Park in Montgomery County. 

Janet Blackburn, 62, sister of Gail Pumphrey and aunt of the Brockdorff children, believes if a place like the Safe Passage Center had existed back then, that tragedy could have been averted.


And now the final protective order issue

gavel2 1 Maryland law provides for temporary protective or peace orders in an effort to prevent domestic violence, which may ultimately be followed by a request for a final protective order lasting for a year. The appellate courts have said that when fashioning relief in a domestic violence case, the court “is to do what is reasonably necessary no more and no less-to assure the safety and well-being of those entitled to relief.” How the Courts go about deciding such difficult cases is illustrated by a recent unreported opinion from Maryland’s Court of Special Appeals called Gali v. Gali.


Here comes another parade of partisans

gavel2 1 Courts often struggle in cases involving domestic violence with whether evidence of similar past conduct should be admitted. The Legislature in recent years has considered changes in the law to allow in such evidence. What happens when a criminal defendant puts his own character on trial was explored in a recent opinion from Maryland’s Court of Special Appeals called Harold Eugene Williams v. State.


Ariana Kelly takes helm of group dedicated to fighting for women

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Ariana KellyDel. Ariana Kelly (D-16). COURTESY PHOTO  

After being elected president of the Women Legislators of Maryland, Del. Ariana Kelly (District 16) proclaimed that she had just “fulfilled one of my legislative dreams.”

Kelly, who is already known around Annapolis for fighting for women’s causes, now heads an organization dedicated to the rights and needs of women and girls on issues such as child care, domestic violence and human trafficking.

“I think it’s an incredible opportunity. I think there are a lot of ways to improve women’s lives,” she said.

“For me, it’s both a tremendous honor to be elected by my colleagues, but it also is a tremendous opportunity to improve the lives of the women of Maryland.”

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