Montgomery volunteers head to Texas to assist in lifesaving efforts

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MP1 5377The Montgomery County Swift Water rescue group readies to leave for Texas.                PHOTO BY MARK POETKER  Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service personnel from Montgomery County are in Texas this week as part of Maryland Task Force 1 to assist with emergency response to Hurricane Harvey.

Maryland Task Force 1, composed of MCFRS personnel, is one of 28 Federal Emergency Management Agency groups around the country that FEMA organizes, manages and can choose to activate, said MCFRS spokesperson Pete Piringer.

“All 28 teams are engaged, most of which are actually involved with swift water rescues,” said Piringer. “This is the first time since 9/11, I believe, that all are engaged at the same time.”


County upgrades 911 system after reported problems

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After being one of the first people on the scene following an accident on Clopper Road, Council member Craig Rice (D-2) said the first thing then he and family did was to call 911.

But instead of quickly relaying the details of the accident to an operator, Rice’s wife who made the call was put on hold. For seven minutes, Rice said he and his families assisted the victims and directed traffic around the accident.

“It’s not always as though they get right through,” Rice said of calling 911. “But then the response time was quite long.”

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