When commercial information is public information

gavel2 1 Maryland has a Public Information Act which allows for the release of government documents upon request, similar to the federal Freedom of Information Act. Courts are often called upon to decide whether a citizen is entitled to obtain documents in the government’s possession. Maryland’s highest court last week addressed efforts to obtain commercial information through a MPIA request in a case called Jayson Amster v. Rushern Baker, County Executive for Prince George’s County.


State passes legislation to give one-year write-offs for manufacturing equipment

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The Maryland General Assembly included one-year write-offs of manufacturing equipment for tax purposes in its end-of-session legislative rush on April 10.

Gov. Larry Hogan (R) signed the new tax law on April 11.

It was part of Hogan’s job creation initiative, attached to better-known provisions allowing for special tax incentives for manufacturing in less prosperous areas of Maryland, including parts of Baltimore, Western Maryland and the Eastern Shore.


UPDATED: Judges in Hawaii and Greenbelt ban Trump executive order

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A federal judge in Hawaii halted the latest executive order temporarily restricting travel from six Muslim majority nations. A federal judge in Greenbelt followed suit on Thursday, also blocking the travel ban.

Judge Derrick K. Watson from the United States District Court of Hawaii wrote Wednesday in his decision that President Donald J. Trump's executive order violated the First Amendment's Establishment Clause and caused irreparable harm to one of the plaintiffs Ismail Elshikh.

After hearing oral arguments Wednesday, United States District Court for the District of Maryland Judge Theodore Chuang also blocked Trump's travel ban Thursday deciding to issue an injunction against the executive order.

“The Maryland district court has issued yet another strong judicial condemnation of President Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim ban," said Omar Jadwat an attorney from the American Civil Liberties Union in a statement Thursday. "If, as promised, he continues to try to defend this indefensible order in the courts — or goes back to the first iteration of the ban — he will just keep losing.”


Leggett vetoes minimum wage bill

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County Executive Ike Leggett vetoed a bill that would have increased the County minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2020.

On. Jan 21, the bill passed the council 5-4, proposing to increase the minimum wage steadily each year till it reached $15 per hour in 2020. The current County minimum wage is $10.75 and is set to increase to $11.75 due to a previous County law passed in 2013.

In November, Leggett wrote a letter to the Council requesting the Council make changes, including delaying the full increase to $15 per to 2022 instead of 2020 and an “off ramp” that would allow the County to delay scheduled minimum wage increases in times of economic downturn.


Plastic bags may not be DOA in Takoma Park

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TAKOMA PARK – City Council members discussed a proposed ban on single-use plastic bags May 18 but did not vote on an ordinance because of some uncertainty.

Council members questioned whether the ordinance proposed by Council member Jarrett Smith (Ward 5) would also apply to plastic bags that are not subject to Montgomery County’s 5 cent tax. That would include bags used to wrap vegetables picked up in the produce section of a grocery store.

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