Cardin meets interfaith group following Charlottesville riot

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20170831 153445 1Sen. Ben Cardin (D) stands with interfaith clergy at discussion on community unity after Charlottesville rally violence in August. PHOTO BY SUZANNE POLLAK  While there was much agreement expressed by the 45 interfaith clergy members who attended Sen. Ben Cardin’s (D-Md.) Aug. 31 meeting on how to unite the community after the violence in Charlottesville, Va., there was also dissent.

While united against President Donald J. Trump’s statement equating white nationalists with the counter protesters at the Virginia rally last month, those attending the 90-minute discussion in Rockville also complained about conditions for their individual communities.

“Why, all of a sudden, does it take one person, one white person, to die, to forget all about the other 19 who were injured,” asked Bishop Paul Walker, of HYOP Life Skills Reentry Program. The death of an African-American doesn’t rile up the community the way the killing of a white person does, he said.


The president finally makes sense

Fredo MichaelI finally get it.
All these months I could not understand why our president tried so hard to disrupt and destroy the investigation into Russian hacking of our elections. There are those who are convinced it is because the president was directly involved in collusion with the Russians.
Still others think the president is just a buffoon, but I’ve never bought into that theory – he has some innate intelligence and survival instincts or he wouldn’t be able to thrive in the cutthroat world in which he’s cruised all these years.


Sarbanes pushes back against public cynicism of government

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John Sarbanes - 8-8-16Rep. John Sarbanes (D-3)  PHOTO BY DANICA ROEM  

ROCKVILLE – “I wish the country wasn’t so angry at the government right now.”

Public cynicism about politics and people spending more time online than outdoors at events has made it harder for public officials to communicate with their constituents, according to Rep. John Sarbanes (D-3).

“The public is so cynical. They’re so turned off,” said Sarbanes Monday at the office of the Montgomery County Sentinel.


Officials probe Ashley Madison ties

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Early investigations into why local public-sector email addresses showed up in the Ashley Madison database hack appear to reveal both good news and bad news for Montgomery County and City of Rockville taxpayers.


Good government begins with the vote

mccivicfedFor decades now, media pundits have bemoaned the influence of special interests over elections, as well as the functioning of government in general.  No sooner had Congress approved the McCain-Feingold Act to close Federal election finance loopholes, and the President signed the bill into law, than special interests invented a creative new way to circumvent the law and funnel soft money to their chosen candidates for elected office.


Blowing it in Rockville

PencilPaperThere is little doubt my generation has much for which it must atone. Born at the end of the last world war and for the next 18 years, our generation professed a great deal of idealism. Best seen at Woodstock, the real tale of our generation begins at Altamont.

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