Chen to plead guilty to carrying a gun in school

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Alwin Chen.  FILE PHOTO  Alwin Chen. FILE PHOTO  ROCKVILLE — Alwin Chen, the Clarksburg High School student who brought a loaded Glock 19 handgun to school, is expected to plead guilty on a charge that could send him to jail for three years.

Chen, 18, entered into a plea agreement April 5 to carrying a handgun on school property and will learn of his fate in a hearing before Circuit Court Judge John Maloney on April 24. He can be sentenced to 90 days to three years.

In exchange for his expected guilty plea, two other charges were dropped, including possession of weapon by a minor and bringing the handgun to school on other days.

Chen has been in jail since his Feb. 15 arrest, when the gun was found in his backpack.


“Almost a psychopath”

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Judge holds high school student without bond following disturbing journal entry made public

Alwin Chen.  FILE PHOTOAlwin Chen. FILE PHOTOROCKVILLE — A Montgomery County District Court judge ruled Tuesday that authorities will continue to hold an 18-year-old high school student without bond after he brought a loaded handgun to school.

District Court Judge John C. Moffett said defendant Alwin Chen, 18, of Clarksburg High School would remain in jail without bond to ensure the safety of the community.

Moffett said information found in Chen’s private journal helped him to make the decision.

Police found Chen’s journal when they searched his home following his arrest. Assistant State’s Attorney Frank Lazzaro said Chen included sentiments about shooting evil people in the journal. Lazzaro said Chen wrote more than once in a journal entry dated May 2, 2017 he wants to kill criminals such as serial killers or gang members.

Chen in a journal entry dated April 24, 2016 “compared himself to a vigilante comic book hero known as the Punisher “because I am almost a psychopath.’ Later in the entry, he writes ‘someone ought to put a bullet in my head for my wrong doings and thoughts,’” Lazzaro wrote.


Jailed HS student's defense team says prosecutor misrepresented facts at bond hearing

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Alwin Chen.  FILE PHOTOAlwin Chen. FILE PHOTO  Defense attorneys representing Alwin Chen – the Clarksburg High School student arrested last week for bringing a loaded gun to school – have accused the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office of misrepresenting facts about their client in court this week.

In an emergency motion filed before the Rockville District Court Thursday, attorneys Jill Michaels and David Felsen requested a new bond hearing for the 18-year-old, who remains in custody after being denied bond last week.

“Yes, we did file an emergency motion for a new bail hearing based on the incorrect information that was presented at the bail hearing,” Michaels said when reached by telephone. “I think everybody can agree that it was a very, very different picture than was presented the other day in court.”

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