The “Open House” is proving unpopular

for sale sign outside houseThe tradition of having an open house, like other real estate customs, has recently become a source of debate over its value and effectiveness. According to Rachel Stults, the tradition began over one hundred years ago when brokers allowed prospective buyers to “inspect” the house by having it open to the public (A Brief History of Opening Our Homes to Total Strangers;; April 21st, 2015). 


Are home inspections becoming irrelevant?

for sale sign outside houseI have heard an increasing voice of discontent over home inspections. Not just from home sellers and their agents, but from home buyers too! Home sellers often complain about the incorrect flagging of working components as being defective. Listing agents usually gripe that home inspectors scare buyers and interfere with their sale. But many home buyers are also growing dissatisfied with inspections and the property reports they are given. 


Welcome your friendly neighborhood inspector

for sale sign outside houseThe home inspection has become a standard part of the home buying process. Even in very competitive buyer situations, you can still work in an inspection without hurting the chances at getting the home of your dreams. And although you should not forgo the inspection, you should know that the inspection offers the inspector’s opinion, which is not always accurate or relevant. Nick Gromicko and Kenton Shepard, of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, shared their thoughts on the limitations of the home inspection (The Limitations of a Home Inspection; First, home inspectors are “generalists.”

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