Basic repairs for home maintenance

for sale sign outside houseI often preach about regular home maintenance. However, home owners should also have basic repair skills too. 

Basic repairs are those items that you can do safely, and usually don’t require a professional. Basic repair skills are sometimes useful as an emergency stopgap before the licensed contractor can make it to your home.


Maintenance-free living is a real possibility

for sale sign outside houseI talk about home maintenance quite a bit. And there is a reason. Maintaining your home is important, not just to keep you comfortable but to also preserve your investment. But many people loath the idea of spending their weekend checking their home’s systems, replacing air filters, mowing the yard, washing the siding, cleaning appliances, ad nauseum. 

They are called chores for a reason. But maybe sometime in the near future we will eliminate the need of regular home maintenance.


Now the time for post-winter maintenance

house real estateDid you know that enduring a harsh winter can make you more resilient?  At least that’s what University of Buffalo researcher Mark Seery believes.  His research on stress and coping reveals that negative events and adversity promotes adaptability and resilience, which benefits your overall wellness (

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