Dealing with the new home ownership crisis

for sale sign outside houseThe housing market has made significant strides in the last year with regard to home sales and home prices. However, even with housing’s good news, the homeownership rate continues to be at generational lows. Economists and real estate professionals are stumped.


Increasing home ownership by reforming Dodd-Frank



When President Trump was campaigning, one of his talking points was to “dismantle” Dodd-Frank. And after a couple of weeks in office, it seems that it’s next on his “to do” list. While many are already touting the move as controversial and partisan, the reality is that it’s a bipartisan issue. Even Barney Frank was seen on CNBC this past Sunday admitting that his namesake legislation needs reform (


Hopeless romantics lost in real estate

Realtors® are guilty of romanticizing, if not glorifying, buying and selling a home. And it’s probably true for many, that initial thoughts of buying or selling a home (and everything that goes along with it) are sanguine. And yet, shortly after they are faced with details of the move, many are hit with the reality that the process is full of potential pitfalls and setbacks. Buying and selling a home can be a confusing endeavor, that can become overwhelming if you’re not mentally prepared.


Real estate remains a wise investment


house genericMany years ago, buying your first home used to be a rite of passage that usually coincided with starting a family. Your first home was not just a place to live; but was considered an investment that was expected to grow and provide a “nest egg” for your later years.


Affordable Housing version 2.0

house real estateStatistics and indices have indicated that buying a home has become more affordable in recent years.  In fact, the October 2014 Trulia Rent vs. Buy Index indicated that buying a home was 38 percent cheaper than renting ( 


Helping family with home ownership

house real estateThe holiday season is about spending time with family and enjoying each other’s company.  But as a consequence of the Great Recession, some family members (including adult children) have made “family time” a year round thing by moving in.  Whether it’s a child moving back with parents after college, or maybe family who suffered a financial hardship; having accommodating family can be a blessing.  However, as the economy slowly improves, the post-recession family nesting trend is changing and many are (re)establishing their own homes.


Millenials and home ownership

house real estateIt used to be easy to figure out the strength of the real estate market, all you had to do was look at reported housing indices and it all made sense.  Statistics were often verified and corresponded to other indices as well.  However, since the financial crisis, there seems to be a disconnect between national and local housing indicators; gauging the market has become confusing – understanding what the indices measure and imply is often tricky. 


Home ownership and freedom

house real estateWhile we enjoy the barbecues and fireworks that come along with the Fourth of July Holiday, we might take a moment to think about our freedom and independence.  And of course – homeownership is an expression of those liberties which is part of the “American Spirit” that drives us to achieve the American Dream.

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