True - Hope Springs Eternal

Trump offers Democrat congratulationsI woke up to hope for the first time in a while this morning – a different America than I’ve experienced in the last year and it wasn’t just because the people of Alabama decided not to elect a racist who despises blacks, gays, and Muslims – oh and is accused of being a serial pedophile.
Sure that was part of it, but in the last few days I admit I’ve been waking up more hopeful because of several actions. Looking beyond the daily Twitter litter, I believe President Trump is part of this hope, as is Joe Biden, the Democrats and the Republicans.
For those who are looking for the curve ball, that’s not what this is about – well keep your eye on the ball just the same.


Cornerstone proves to be a "bearer of hope"

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corietta thompsonCorietta Thompson, 40, is approaching her six-year anniversary as a switchboard operator at the Veteran Affairs Medical Center. She said she is comfortable with her coworkers, learned the computer system codes and feels equally good working in groups as she does working on her own.

But that wasn’t always the case.


Can you say "I hope?"

PencilPaperThere is hope every time someone puts pen to paper. There is hope the writer can explain something essential about the human experience. There is hope for immortality – to reach an audience unborn and ultimately unknown.

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