County Council says no hotel lifeguards needed until the weekend

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The Montgomery County Council approved a bill Tuesday that will remove the requirement that hotels keep a paid lifeguard on duty as long as their pool is open to guests.

The legislation is a victory for managements of hotels in the County, who complained about having to pay lifeguards during slow pool hours or not hire a lifeguard and be forced to close the pool angering hotel guests.

The bill mandates that hotels will not require a lifeguard to watch over a pool while it is open, but will require at least one paid hotel employee trained in CPR working while their pool is open. The bill also necessitates that pools post warning signs and have an emergency alert system.


Council legalizes and regulates Airbnb

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The Montgomery County Council passed a bill and zoning text amendment Tuesday to legalize and regulate short-term rentals done through websites such as Airbnb.

The council voted unanimously to pass Bill 2-16 and Zoning Text Amendment 17-03 which allows residents who want to rent out their homes or condos through hospitality services such as Airbnb to register with the County Department of Health and Human Services.

Airbnb is a popular hospitality site that allows homeowners to advertise their homes or rooms for short-term vacation rentals. Council member Hans Riemer (D-at large), the lead sponsor of Bill 2-16, said he worried that investors would buy houses with the intention of advertising rooms in the house on Airbnb full-time making it a de-facto hotel.


Bethesda proves to be “Ground Zero” for hotel businesses

Bethesda is one of the top places in the country for companies on both the ownership and management sides of the hotel business.

J.W. “Bill” Marriott, Jr., CEO of Marriott International Inc. from 1972 to 2011 and still executive chairman, led the lodging industry’s separation of management and ownership functions for larger, higher-end properties. Until the 1980s, hotel owners in all price ranges generally managed their own properties, and chains had either central ownership or franchising deals holding them together.

Marriott concentrated on the management side of the business, developing the powerful marketing synergies of nationwide and worldwide hotel brands, as well as expertise and cost savings in hotel operations.


County holds public hearing on pool law

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ROCKVILLE – On Tuesday the Montgomery County Council held a public hearing on a bill that would allow for hotel pools to remain open without a lifeguard.

If passed, Expedited Bill 16-17 would require hotel pools to have an emergency alert system next to the pool.

The bill, introduced by Council member Sidney Katz (D-3) and cosponsored by Council members Nancy Floreen (D-at large), Marc Elrich (d-at large) and Roger Berliner (D- 1), would repeal what hotel mangers call a costly bill. Montgomery County is one of only two jurisdictions in the state – along with Baltimore County– to require hotels to have a lifeguard on duty while the pool is open.

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