Police launch internal investigation into teen’s death

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Montgomery County Police is investigating its role in a missing person’s case where a 17-year-old Walt Whitman student ended up dead nearly 15 hours after his father first contacted police with concerns.

“Internal Affairs has a role in the investigation,” MCP Spokesman Captain Paul Starks said. “We’re looking at the investigative steps taken and we’re also looking at decisions made by patrol officers.”

Starks said Montgomery County Police Chief Manger will conduct a thorough review of events and whether policies were followed or if they will need to be changed. Starks says the findings will be shared with the public.


P.G. photographer claims police took camera and erased photos

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A local news photographer said his camera was taken from him by a Prince Georges County police officer, who then deleted some photos at an accident scene this weekend.

“The Sentinel newspapers have a rich tradition of community involvement and we hope the Prince Georges Police Department will respect our role in our community,” said Sentinel newspaper publisher Lynn Kapiloff.

“I go to homicide scenes, fatal accidents,” said Jim Davis, a photographer for the Prince George’s Sentinel. “No one has come up to me asking to see my pictures.”

Davis said he was reviewing pictures he had just taken at the scene of a five-vehicle crash Sunday, which police said was a double-fatal collision, on Edmonston Road just north of Cherrywood Lane in Greenbelt when a U.S. Park police officer approached him and asked to see his pictures. The officer said Davis needed to wait there until detectives arrived. When Davis asked why, the officer said he needed to see if he took pictures of license plates numbers. Davis said he was a reporter and showed the officer his press pass, which seemed to satisfy the officer.

A second officer, this one from Prince George’s County, approached Davis as he was walking back to his car and asked to see his pictures. When Davis asked why, the officer repeated that he needed to look at the pictures. Davis never received a reason, after repeating his question a few times.

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