Maryland need not honor Virginia

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There has been much discussion about efforts taken in Virginia to restore the legal rights of convicted felons, including the right to vote as well as the right to possess firearms. Recently those rights in Maryland were explored by the federal Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of James Hamilton v. William Pallozzi.


New laws begin in Maryland

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Starting Oct. 1, various laws will go into effect in Maryland, including laws to deter drunken driving, increase police accountability and public safety, promote workers’ rights, establish opioid addiction outreach programs and protect the freedom of the press. 


New laws will affect home sales


If your home has been listed for sale through the summer without procuring a buyer, don’t be surprised about the two new laws that will most likely affect your sale. Homeowners, who will be listing their home for sale in the fall, will most likely be advised by their real estate agents. Of course, I am talking about the increased county recordation tax and the new radon-testing requirement. 

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