Council agree to another year of pay increases for County employees

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countysealMaking up for lost salary raises during the recession, The Montgomery County Council unanimously approved pay increases for County employees marking another year of pay raises.

As part of the collective bargaining the County’s union agreed to with the County Executive, many of the County’s employees, including firefighters and police officers, will receive a 5.5 percent wage increase.


Trump and two empty chairs

TPW2F 1459972045 3144 list items hogans schultzThe White House continued several of its insipid, divisive and ultimately boring games this week. Boring because they are not as Nazi-like as the Far Left would have us all believe - unless you’re specifically talking about the Nazis in “Hogan’s Heroes.”
And I’ve seen all of those episodes.


Council hears testimony on collective bargaining

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ROCKVILLE – A partisan crowd of organized union workers gathered at the council office building Tuesday night to listen to testimony on a proposed bill that would change the way unions collectively bargain with the County.

As County residents read their statements one by one to the council, the raucous audience largely made up of union members cheered or jeered at the statements.

As Joan Fidler testified in favor of expedited bill 24-16 that would make parts of the collective bargaining process public, she was interrupted.

“Don’t insult the taxpayers of this County, ma’am,” shouted a man from the back of the council hearing room.


County continues to face budget hardships

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ROCKVILLE-- As the Montgomery County Council debates Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett’s proposed budget, each of the items faces scrutiny faces, especially benefits and salaries for county employees.

The County Council is recommending Leggett and his staff reopen negotiations with the county’s public sector unions. The council said it is recommending that the Leggett renegotiate the 3.5 percent scheduled pay-increase for county employees.

Leggett said that the deals he and his staff originally negotiated with the unions as part of his 2017 fiscal budget are good deals and he will be hard-pressed to renegotiate them.

“This has happened before,” said Leggett about renegotiating collective bargaining agreements with the union, “but it is highly unlikely that any kind of negotiations are going to change that.”


An open letter to 47 Republican Senators

US senateSince 47 Republican Senators recently deemed it appropriate to correspond directly with Iranian leadership in a blatant attempt to undermine President Obama and the administration's efforts as part of the multinational negotiations for an Iranian nuclear proliferation agreement, would it also be deemed appropriate for Iranian leadership to now correspond directly with those same Senate Republicans? 

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