Nuclear brinkmanship - The Trump Years

250px Operation Upshot Knothole Badger 001It Only Takes One Match

Of all the tweets that have disturbed me from President Donald Trump, one where he recently talked about having a bigger nuclear button than the leader of North Korea disturbed me on a level in a way I thought impossible since the end of the Cold War. I thought I had buried those fears along with the memories of early childhood.


Ronald Reagan vs. reality


PencilPaperJimmy Carter turned 90 this week. I mention it because while many vilified him when he was  President, many of those who did so also praised him as being the most decent man ever to hold the office. He’s been an ex-President longer than anyone – more than 33 years.

When he ran for the nation’s highest office he promised, after the debacle of Richard Nixon, never to lie to the American people. And had he found five working helicopters to rescue the hostages in Iran, we might never have heard of Ronald Reagan – except in B movies like “Bedtime for Bonzo.”


Nuclear war and property value

house real estateA recent blog post titled: “Want to Increase Your Property Values? Try a Nuclear War” caught my attention.  Robert Beckhusen & Matthew Gault, in their June 22nd post on discussed a couple of unclassified defense reports on the effects and aftermath of a nuclear war (including the 1965 study “The Effects Of Nuclear Weapons On A Single City”).

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