Local GOP charts new course with recent election

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Mark UncapherMark Uncapher PHOTO BY GLYNIS KAZANJIANMontgomery County Republicans ousted their first-term leader in favor of returning a former chairman to the party's top spot on Tuesday, amid concerns over candidate recruitment and the party's image in the age of Donald Trump.

The close vote (22-24) of the MCGOP Central Committee replaced first-term Chairman Richard Jurgena in favor of Treasurer Mark Uncapher, who returns to the Chairmanship he once held for five terms.  Members voting to oust Jurgena stressed the need to change strategy in what will be a pivotal midterm election next year.

"I think we need to move in a different direction," former party chairman Michael Higgs said during a speech nominating Uncapher for the Chairmanship.

Higgs noted that Montgomery County will play an important role in next year's gubernatorial election, and with "everything" resting on whether Republicans can convince independents and Democrats who may like Governor Larry Hogan (R) to come out and vote for a Republican even if they dislike President Trump, a seasoned hand needs to be at the helm.


The case for Super Delegates

There are 719 super delegates who will be voting at the Democratic National Convention in July in Philadelphia to select a Democratic candidate for president. These super delegates are unpledged delegates in that they are not required to reflect the outcomes of the primaries or caucuses conducted in their states. The super delegates represent about 15 percent of the overall convention vote and are comprised of Democratic leaders and elected officials including members of Congress, governors, and party leaders from all of the states.

The controversy surrounding the concept of super delegates involves whether the votes of these delegates should reflect the will of the people as demonstrated by the results of the primaries or caucuses conducted in their particular states.

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