"Most Dangerous Time"

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Police warn of rising pedestrian and bike accidents as winter approaches


Citing a recent surge in pedestrian and bicycle collisions, Montgomery County Police held a press conference in Bethesda Thursday hoping to raise awareness about the spike in the County.

The press conference came three days after Chevy Chase resident Ned Gaylin, 81, was struck and killed while attempting to ride his bicycle across Little Falls Parkway, near the Capital Crescent Trail in Bethesda.

Four days after the press conference, Silver Spring resident Robert Michael Grossman, 64, died after being struck by a vehicle while crossing Georgia Avenue in Aspen Hill.

Captain Tom Didone, director of the traffic division for Montgomery County Police, said there had been five major pedestrian and bicycle collisions in the County in the 16 days leading up to Thursday.

According to Didone, the recent surge in pedestrian and bicycle collisions is a yearly average of about 400 pedestrian and bicycle collisions with about 10 being fatal.

“If this trend continues, we are set to have one of the worst years that we’ve had in a very long time,” Didone said.


Letters to the Editor, September 15, 2016

Get Back Jack! Jack goes right!

To the editor;

Get it right

Right foot braking when driving automatic transmission vehicles is the way to stop your moving vehicle. By taken the right foot off the accelerator pedal and applying pressure to the brake pedal with the right foot is the right maneuver, no matter what Trevor W. Frith the unreal blame game man says.


Veirs Mill Road targeted for upgrades

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Two government agencies have individual plans for improving Veirs Mill Road for pedestrian and bicyclist safety and to decongest traffic following two deaths of bicyclists there since December.

The State Highway Administration is planning to update their design plans to build a corridor to connect Montrose Parkway from MD-355 to Veirs Mill Road.

Meanwhile, the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission plans to review the Veirs Mill corridor to potentially improve accessibility for residents to the future Bus Rapid Transit system.


Leggett and Riemer unveil new pedestrian plans

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Hans Riemer  Ike Leggett-Pedestrian SafetyCouncil member Hans Riemer and County Executive Ike Leggett unveil the county's new plan to protect pedestrians.    PHOTO BY MARK POETKER   

SILVER SPRING – A year after breaking his hip while playing with his kids on a trampoline, Montgomery County Council member Hans Riemer (D- At large) still requires the use of a cane to walk.

Riemer said because of his lack of mobility, parking lots and intersections have become dangerous places for him as he struggles to avoid distracted drivers.                                                               

“There are two places that I found that are really scary for me as a person with a different kind of mobility," Riemer said. "One is an intersection; the other is a parking lot...when I'm in a parking lot I don't know if the cars and the drivers realize that I can't get out of the way."                                                      

On Thursday, County Executive Ike Leggett announced a new educational campaign to help bring awareness to pedestrian and driver safety. Leggett said there has been a sharp increase in pedestrian collisions in the County. In 2014 there were 420 pedestrian collisions in the County, which rose to 473 in 2015, according to Leggett. 


Pedestrian Deaths 2015

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ROCKVILLE — In the continuing struggle to make the county’s roads safe for pedestrians, some members of the County Council say they’ve hit on a plan to end pedestrian fatalities. The plan includes education, increased police enforcement and better road engineering.


And the car hit me hard


carpedConsider this an open letter - a sincere “Thank You,” from me to the woman who inadvertently nearly ended my life Tuesday afternoon.
While some of this will appear sarcastic, please discount this to my continued shock and amazement I am still alive.
As I crossed the street from the CVS to the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department near Hungerford Drive that afternoon I noticed the small beige two-door attempting to turn right. The woman inside first looked left for oncoming traffic and then right. I had the white light indicating it was safe to cross and began to do so.
As I’m always careful because I don’t trust people will actually see a six foot, two-inch tall man in black hair and sunglasses crossing the street, I made sure I had eye contact with the driver of the car before I crossed.
I mistook her nodding as an indication she’d seen me and would stop. When the opposite occurred and I suddenly found myself on the hood of her car banging and screaming for her to stop before she turned me into road kill or tried to re-enact a scene from any number of action adventure movies, well needless to say I was shocked.

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