Witness claims officer fought with man before he shot him

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Takoma Park MD PoliceTAKOMA, D.C. — Residents say they heard numerous shots when a Takoma Park Police officer crossed into Washington, D.C. and exchanged gunfire with a suspect during a foot chase on July 25.

“I saw the guy get chased out of the parking lot,” said James Carter, 64, a resident of the 6200 block of New Hampshire Avenue. “Then I heard the gunshots.”

Just before 7 p.m, on Wednesday, July 25, Sgt. Charles Hoetzel of the Takoma Park Police had been conducting an investigation around the Advance Auto Parts store on New Hampshire Avenue involving 19-year-old Kenneth Carroll of Northwest Washington, D.C, according to a police report from the Metropolitan Police Department.

Hoetzel “attempted to detain” Carroll, but Carroll allegedly refused to comply and “the two began wrestling” as Carroll attempted to get away, according to the report.


Silver Spring residents gather in vigil for Robert Lawrence White

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Robert White vigil 20180805 183846About 150 people listen to speeches, and then later walk during a vigil for Robert White, the unarmed Silver Spring man who was shot dead by a County police officer. PHOTO BY SUZANNE POLLAKSILVER SPRING — Irene Thompson, the sister of Robert Lawrence White, the Silver Spring resident shot to death by a County police officer on June 11, thanked the 150 people who attended Sunday’s vigil for her brother. While holding back tears, she declared, “There is no justice. We knew the officer would not be prosecuted.”

Thompson referred to the Office of the State’s Attorney for Howard County’s ruling that Police Officer Anand Badgujar was justified in shooting 41-year-old White, who was unarmed.


Activists demand answers in cop shooting of Silver Spring man

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YouTube screen capture of body-camera video released by Montgomery County Police of an officer providing backup to Officer Anand Badgujar during incident with Robert White. FILE PHOTOYouTube screen capture of body-camera video released by Montgomery County Police of an officer providing backup to Officer Anand Badgujar during incident with Robert White.          FILE PHOTO More than a week after police released the body-camera footage showing the June 11 police shooting of Robert White, activists have more questions about what happened.

While the State's Attorney for Howard County, who conducted the investigation of Montgomery County Police Officer Anand Badgujar, concluded that the shooting was “justified” and that he would not pursue criminal charges against the officer, activists are now questioning the events of June 11.

Laurel Hoa, an activist with Standing Up for Racial Justice, said the shooting could have been prevented if the officer had never approached White to begin with.

“I do not believe the shooting was justified; we do not believe Officer Badgujar should have approached Robert White in the first place,” Hoa said.


Takoma Park cop injured in DC shooting

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Takoma Park MD PoliceTakoma Park police Sgt. Charles Hoetzel is on administrative leave after being injured in a shootout that also left a suspect injured. 

The shooting occurred in Washington D.C. after Hoetzel began chasing 19-year-old Kenneth Carroll of Northeast D.C on July 25th around 7 p.m.


Officer Cleared In Shooting

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Montgomery County police officer won’t be prosecuted for shooting unarmed man

YouTube screen capture of body-camera video released by Montgomery County Police of an officer providing backup to Officer Anand Badgujar during incident with Robert White. COURTESY PHOTO  YouTube screen capture of body-camera video released by Montgomery County Police of an officer providing backup to Officer Anand Badgujar during incident with Robert White. COURTESY PHOTO  The Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office this week cleared Montgomery County police officer Anand Badgujar of any wrongdoing in the June 11th shooting that killed an unarmed Silver Spring man, 41-year-old Robert Lawrence White.

In a letter to Montgomery County Police, Howard County State’s Attorney Dario Broccolino said that his office will not press charges against Badgujar, 32, who shot and killed White, an unarmed African-American man after an afternoon confrontation in a parking lot.

“After reviewing all of the pertinent evidence and after a thorough review of the law, by myself and the members of our Senior Staff, we have, unanimously, concluded that Officer Badgujar’s actions were justified under the circumstances. As a result, no further action will be taken by this office,” Broccolino wrote to Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger.

According to a source close to the investigation, the confrontation between Badgujar and White began when Badgujar approached White near the 9200 block of Three Oaks Drive in Silver Spring. After Badgujar approached White, White charged and attempted to hit Badgujar, but White’s punch did not land. That led to Badgujar’s attempt to pepper spray White, but he missed. According to police, the situation escalated from there, as Badgujar requested backup, and went to turn off the ignition to his police cruiser. While Badgujar was going to turn off the ignition, White then ran at Badgujar, knocking him down. As Badgujar fell, he discharged his weapon. At this point, White also fell, got up, stood over Badgujar and began to assault him. Badgujar then fired multiple shots at White, killing him.


Man dies after being shot by Montgomery County police officer

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Policelights 1

The man that police said threatened his estranged girlfriend and three-year-old son died last week after a Montgomery County Police officer shot him in a Silver Spring home.

According to police, John Carlos Natera-Perez, also known as “Jean Perez,” threatened his estranged girlfriend with a knife and barricaded himself inside a Silver Spring home, before police entered and shot him. Paramedics transported Natera-Perez to a nearby trauma center, where he was in critical condition until his death hours later. Police say Natera-Perez was approximately 30 years old.

According to Montgomery County Police, officers responded to a 911 call from 2800 block of Mozart Drive in Silver Spring, where a woman was screaming over the phone, and a man in the background could be heard saying “I will kill you,” before the call was disconnected.


Council reviews police internal affairs policy

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countysealIn the wake of a Montgomery County police officer shooting, the County Council held a committee hearing to review Montgomery County Police Department’s internal affairs-investigation process.

While the June 11 officer-involved shooting, in which Montgomery County Police officer Anand Badgujar shot and killed unarmed African-American man Robert Lawrence White, is being investigated by prosecutors in Howard County, the Montgomery County Council Public Safety Committee held a hearing Monday to review how MCPD conducts its internal affairs investigations.


Activists want answers after police shooting

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policecar1 300x200 1More than three weeks after a Montgomery County Police officer shot and killed an unarmed African-American man, community members and activists are demanding more transparency from the police.

After prosecutors from Howard County, who are conducting the investigation into Anand Badgujar, the Montgomery County Police officer who shot and killed Robert Lawrence White on June 11 in Silver Spring, asked MCP to not release body-camera footage from the encounter, angering activists.

On June 27, two days after MCP officials met with Howard County prosecutors, Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger met with activists to discuss the shooting and their demands.

“I wouldn’t say that we learned anything new,” said Laurel Hoa, an organizer with Showing Up for Racial Justice Montgomery County.

According to police, White attacked Badgujar, and after a confrontation in which Badgujar attempted to pepper spray White, Badgujar shot White multiple times after White assaulted him again.


Police hold back footage of officer’s shooting

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policecar1 300x200 1Howard County prosecutors requested Monday Montgomery County Police not release body camera footage from a June 11 officer-involved shooting – a move that has sparked an outcry for transparency from local activists.

Detectives from the Montgomery County Police department met with Howard County Deputy State’s Attorney Mary Murphy Monday about the ongoing investigation into the police shooting of an unarmed black man, Robert Lawrence White.

On June 11, Montgomery County Police Officer Anand Badgujar shot and killed White, after police say White attacked Badgujar.

As per the agreement between the two counties, the Howard County State’s Attorney’s office is conducting the investigation into the shooting. Since the investigation is still ongoing, Murphy asked Montgomery County Police to not release body-camera footage from the shooting, according to T. Wayne Kirwan, a spokesperson for the Howard County State’s Attorney's Office.


New details on shooting of unarmed black man emerge

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A source close to the investigation has told the Sentinel that the encounter that led to the June 11 officer-involved shooting was initiated by Montgomery County Police Officer Anand Badgujar.

On June 11, Badgujar, 32, shot and killed 41-year-old Robert Lawrence White, an unarmed African-American man from Silver Spring. Badgujar was responding to a separate 911 call when he saw and approached White.

While police released some details of the incident, Montgomery County Police have not answered questions about some of the other details, and have refused to release the 911-call and body-camera footage.

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