With Cooper it’s all a matter of perspective

The book "Perspectives on the Public Interest" and its author Jordan Cooper (right).  COURTESY PHOTOSThe book "Perspectives on the Public Interest" and author Jordan Cooper (right). COURTESY PHOTOS  Jordan Cooper’s “Perspectives on the Public Interest” seeks to shine a spotlight on people who devote their lives to helping others, and it succeeds. It is a well-organized and well-constructed book on the motivation behind public service.

The 295-page work is a series of question-and-answer interviews with notable civil servants, politicians, journalists and other individuals who spend their days in service of others. The chapters are compiled from the 25- to 35-minute audio episodes of Cooper’s online Public Interest Podcast.

Each of the 12 chapters covers a different segment of public service, enabling the reader to gain a broad view. The book’s wide net makes it more interesting than your average question-and-answer book. We get to hear from people whose livelihoods appear to have little in common.


Letters to the Editor, Sept. 22, 2016

My opinions versus your facts

To the editor;

When politicians accuse other politicians of corruption, fraud or misrepresentation without factual evidence to support “opinion deception;” those self-serving screwballs create hoaxes to fool gullible people to believe propaganda from politicians dealing marked cards for the blame game are not from the Jokers.

There is no evidence to prove P.T. Barnum said, “Thers a sucker born every minute.”


Registering politicians

Mike Pitts, a Republican – go figure – has introduced the South Carolina Responsible Journalism Registry Law which would define what a journalist is and keep a list of those who are seen as responsible and penalize those no on the list with fines or imprisonment.


Officials probe Ashley Madison ties

  • Published in Local

Early investigations into why local public-sector email addresses showed up in the Ashley Madison database hack appear to reveal both good news and bad news for Montgomery County and City of Rockville taxpayers.

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