And now the final protective order issue

gavel2 1 Maryland law provides for temporary protective or peace orders in an effort to prevent domestic violence, which may ultimately be followed by a request for a final protective order lasting for a year. The appellate courts have said that when fashioning relief in a domestic violence case, the court “is to do what is reasonably necessary no more and no less-to assure the safety and well-being of those entitled to relief.” How the Courts go about deciding such difficult cases is illustrated by a recent unreported opinion from Maryland’s Court of Special Appeals called Gali v. Gali.


Electronic harassment and emails

In this age of email, abuses in using email to harass have led to Maryland and other States creating statutes that criminalize email harassment. A particularly egregious case reported recently from Maryland’s Court of Special Appeals illustrates the penalties an offender can pay for such harassment. The case is called Michael Anthony Johnson v. State of Maryland.

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