New laws will affect home sales


If your home has been listed for sale through the summer without procuring a buyer, don’t be surprised about the two new laws that will most likely affect your sale. Homeowners, who will be listing their home for sale in the fall, will most likely be advised by their real estate agents. Of course, I am talking about the increased county recordation tax and the new radon-testing requirement. 


Radon problems in many of our public schools

mccivicfedCivic Federation Public Utilities Chair and Parents’ Coalition member Louis Wilen has uncovered a report on radon in our Montgomery County Public Schools. Radon is linked to cancer according to the EPA, specifically lung cancer and leukemia. The report, provided by MCPS officials, is so far limited to a poorly photocopied list of the school facilities and the radon level for each school. We have no additional information.

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