A topical story, but not deeply “Felt”

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Liam Neeson as Mark FeltLiam Neeson stars as FBI confidential source “Deep Throat” of Watergate scandal fame in the new biopic “Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House.”                    COURTESY PHOTO BY SONY PICTURES CLASSICSIn May of 2005, W. Mark Felt Sr. (1913-2008), the former assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed himself as Deep Throat, the confidential source who provided crucial assistance to Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein during their landmark investigation of the Watergate break-in scandal.

Until now, the most iconic image of Deep Throat came from the 1976 thriller “All the President’s Men.” Hal Holbrook played the mysterious informant who lurked in the shadows of a Virginia parking garage to secretly meet with Bob Woodward, played by Robert Redford, and advised the reporter to “Follow the money.” (That classic line actually came from the mind of screenwriter William Goldman, and not a quote Woodward actually attributed to his source.) 

Since Felt’s revelation, numerous Hollywood figures have discussed the possibility of making a film focused on his life and career. At one point, Tom Hanks had been in talks to produce and star as Felt. 


Coffee Republic offers top-notch beverages and decadent pastries

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Looking for a new spot to get your morning pick-me-up but don’t want to have to wait in those obnoxious Starbucks lines? Well wait no longer because Coffee Republic , located in King Farm Village Center, might be just the place your caffeine addiction and morning routine have been looking for.

Opened in October of last year, this neighborhood coffee shop currently boasts a four-star Yelp rating, under the ownership of four business partners and fellow owners of Bean Good Coffee Co. in Arlington, according to the local blog Rockville View. These high reviews can be accredited to their top-notch espresso and coffee beverages, along with their decadent baked goods and cozy interior.


Center Stage: Stuart Davis leaves lasting artistic impressions

stuart davisAn example of artwork created by modernist painter Stuart Davis, from the "Stuart Davis: In Full Swing" exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. COURTESY PHOTO  

WASHINGTON – An exhibit of the early 20th century American modernist painter Stuart Davis just opened to the public at the National Gallery of Art.

Entitled “In Full Swing”, this exhibit is a comprehensive examination of Davis’ career, including 5 rooms of his artwork and a short documentary created by the museum.

Davis, as described in the background summary adorning the entrance, was born to artists in New Jersey and dropped out of high school to study painting in Manhattan under Robert Henri.

Henri, among other things, encouraged his students to “find their own voices.”

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