Second Day of Spring?

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MoCo sees largest snowstorm in the last two years on the second day of Spring

Snow finally comes to Montgomery County as, with schools closed, Paige Smith and Nicole Clark and her dogs enjoy this final blast of winter. PHOTO BY MIKE CLARKSnow finally comes to Montgomery County as, with schools closed, Paige Smith and Nicole Clark and her dogs enjoy this final blast of winter on the second day of spring.                PHOTO BY MIKE CLARK  Dangerous road conditions arose from a nor’easter that began dropping snow on Montgomery County late Tuesday, leading to a Wednesday morning traffic nightmare.

It was the most significant snowfall in the region since a blizzard in early 2016.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Public Information Officer Pete Piringer said a large percentage of drivers who took to the roads Wednesday morning – the second day of spring - became involved in crashes, many of them single-vehicle accidents due to the weather conditions. One such incident, county officials said, stopped traffic in both directions on U.S. Route 29 – known as Columbia Pike – between Greencastle Road and Sandy Spring Road (Maryland Route 198).

As a result of the early-spring snowstorm, Montgomery County closed all non-public-safety government offices Wednesday, county officials said in a statement.

Josh Faust, public outreach manager for county highways, said County trucks mobilized with materials Tuesday as road conditions deteriorated in many parts of the County.

“Because this is probably the biggest snowstorm we will see this year we will be calling in contractor support,” he added, noting that Montgomery County road crews were now preparing for a greater snowfall than residents saw mid-December, which Faust said was between 3.5 inches and 4 inches.


Disturbing the Snow of Your Thoughts

trumpnmeCurious how old habits stay with you.
When I was a young boy and it snowed I loathed walking into either the front or backyard disturbing the fresh powder. It looked too pristine, too gentle and way too cool.
I wanted to preserve the moment – or the myth of the “perfect snow day”.


County schools closing Wednesday due to snow forecast

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Person walking in snowstormMontgomery County Public Schools are closed Wednesday due to “emergency weather conditions,” according to MCPS officials.

“All school and community activities in school buildings are also canceled,” MCPS officials said. “All administrative offices are open. Day care programs in school buildings may remain open as scheduled.”


Never too early to talk snow

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GAITHERSBURG – It may be late spring, but city staffers are already planning for winter.

During a Monday night work session at City Hall, three city staffers presented Mayor Jud Ashman and the City Council with recommendations to improve the city's services during future snow events.


The snow chronicles

Friday afternoon as the snow began to fall a few of us gathered at a nearby pub in Rockville and toasted the oncoming “Snowmaggedon,” or “Snowpocalypse” or “Snowzilla” or “Snow-Nino” or whatever funny little catch phrase, jingoistic name my peers in the hallowed halls of television journalism had decided to come with to describe our oncoming doom.

We stayed through happy hour and then my partner-in-crime (my wife for those who don’t understand my own jingoistic jargon) took off in the big Ford F-150 to find pubs that would stay open during the storm. We started at The Outta the Way Café because Chip and Brian never close. We weren’t disappointed.


Metro suspends weekend service

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metro logo

WASHINGTON — Metro’s general manager announced at headquarters Thursday some services changes for rail, bus and MetroAccess for Friday and suspension of all services Saturday and Sunday until further notice.


MCPS asks for waiver due to snow

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MCPS logoROCKVILLE – Montgomery County Public Schools formally requested a waiver Tuesday from the state for up to three school days, the amount they would have to add to the end of the year to meet the state requirement of 180 instructional days.

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