Getting ready for the real estate disruptors

for sale sign outside houseI recently wrote about companies that are going through identity crises. Are they real estate companies or are they technology companies? Regardless, the big name real estate disruptors have changed the industry. Today’s home buyers are in control of their home search. Additionally, agent commissions are viewed much differently than they have been in the past. But the recent trend of real estate companies touting themselves as technology companies may be a signal that large real estate brokerages want more change. But are they mistaking the map for the territory?


Sponsor supports NIH charities while patrons enjoy blockbuster movies

Comcast XFinity Film Festival image courtesy of the Comcast Xfinity Film Festival copyThe Comcast Xfinity Outdoor Film Festival returns to Strathmore. COURTESY PHOTO    “Blockbuster” describes the movies presented each summer in the Comcast Xfinity Outdoor Film Festival and hosted at Strathmore. This year, “Disney’s “Moana” (PG) will show on Aug. 24; “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” (PG-13) on Aug. 25; and “The Lego Batman Movie” (PG) on Aug. 26, the final day of the event.

But the term could also apply to the technology behind the festival. The screen the films are projected on, in digital cinema, is the only nine-foot-tall, 52-foot-wide inflatable movie screen within 1000 miles, said Bob Deutsch, founder and CEO of DTA Global, which produces the free event.

Comcast, the global media and technology corporation, underwrites it.


Self-driving cars and buying your next home

for sale sign outside houseTechnology has made homes more efficient and environmentally friendly, while also making them more comfortable.
Technology has made the business of real estate become increasingly easier through electronic communications and electronic signatures.
Technology has also made finding a home much easier too. It’s obvious that the real estate industry has been greatly impacted by technology, but will selfdriving car technology impact real estate?


Get ready for the subpoena for computers

gavel2 1 With the advent of personal computers, the courts have had to develop law on how to apply the Fourth Amendment prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures to police efforts to obtain evidence from computers. How search warrants to obtain such information fit within the constitutional scheme was explored by Maryland’s intermediate appellate court in an opinion issued this week in a case called John Fone v. State of Maryland.


Verizon hosts job fair

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Verizon held three job fairs March 21 to attract beginning network technicians for its FiOS home communications system installations in the company’s busy summer season.

For persons hired, the seasonal job could lead to permanent work, or to callbacks in future summers, said Tina Saputo, a regional recruiting manager based in Basking Ridge, N.J. A manager of last year’s group echoed her statement, noting some who were hired then are still working as network techs, and some will come back to work this summer. For others, the manager said, either the individual or the company found the “fit wasn’t good for this job.”

“The guy who installed your TV and internet? Did you like him? That’s who we’re hiring,” said Nicolas Relacion, a military recruiter for the company based in Wilmington, Del. He added that Verizon has other types of jobs open, and that women were among the applicants at the fair.


Local graduate sets his sights

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timhwangROCKVILLE - Montgomery County-raised Tim Hwang is not your average 22-year-old. He’s a founder, CEO, entrepreneur and winner of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. His accomplishments, unprecedented at his age, have been recognized in TIME, Forbes and the Washington Post.

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