Business Incentives at Work: Fox Comes to County, Discovery Consolidates

Fox Broadcasting Company affiliates WTTG and WDCA will move from Northwest D.C. to Bethesda in 2021, bringing more than 200 employees to the County.

Discovery Communications will consolidate 230 technical and creative people, now working on Kennett Street in downtown Silver Spring, to its headquarters on Georgia Avenue in 2018.

Economic development incentives from Montgomery County and the State of Maryland are fostering both moves. The incentives include grants from the County, loans from the State, and tax breaks from both.


Turn off and tune out


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Television news is done. Put a fork in it and call it what it really is: cheap, poor entertainment. Consumed by the masses for those who don’t have the stones for real information, it has ceased to be of relevance and is in fact a detriment, in many cases, to understanding the world around us.

This conclusion did not come easily. Having spent some 20 years in television, it is worthy to note the medium has the ability to connect us in ways print and the spoken word cannot.

Its value, however, is also the fire in which it burns.

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