‘I Got Lucky That Day’

Passenger talks of his experience surviving the 2009 Metrorail crash 

PatrickTuite 1Patrick Tuite.   PHOTO COURTESY OF CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY  On really hot days, we might call air conditioning a “lifesaver.” On June 22, 2009, some good air conditioning on a Metro platform actually helped to save Patrick Tuite’s life.

Tuite was a survivor of the horrific Metrorail crash that day that took nine lives, on a Red Line train going from the Takoma to the Fort Totten station. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, the accident occurred because a warning system, intended to alert Metrorail operators of stationary trains on the tracks ahead, was not functioning.

Tuite, now 50, was on his way to teach a summer-school night class at Catholic University of America. He was, and still is, a professor at the university’s theater department.

Until the accident, Tuite said he almost always rode near the front of the front car of Metro. “I thought it was safer to sit near the operator,” he explained. “It was also nice to look out the front window with my kids.”

All nine people killed in the crash are believed to have been toward the front of the front car. The front car survivors were toward the rear at the moment of the crash. 


Clarksburg High dedicates student memorial

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CLARKSBURG – Clarksburg football coach Larry Hurd raised four fingers in the air Sept. 8 on the Coyotes’ home field, each one honoring the four Clarksburg High School students who died in the past year.

"Please keep the families in your minds and in your hearts," Hurd said. "They love you; we love you guys very much.”

The day before the football team’s season opener, community members gathered to dedicate a memorial to former students Jacob Dennis, Cary Greene and Patrick Shifflett, who all died in a June car wreck, as well as John DeReggi, who died after being struck by a train last September.

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