County hears public input on new BRT study

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countysealROCKVILLE — For some, the Tuesday night hearing on whether the County Council will fund yet another study of the proposal for a Bus Rapid Transit system on U.S. Route 29 may have elicited a sense of déjà vu as once more, the same people testified on the same topics and made the same points as they did the last time, the time before that, and each of the other countless times County has dipped a toe into the BRT waters while never really getting wet. 

Bus Rapid Transit systems – which can potentially provider shorter travel times than traditional buses by offering limited stops on busses that offer level boarding for passengers and travel at least partially in its own dedicated lane. So far, the County has proposed BRT lines on MD-355 and Veirs Mill Road in addition to the one on U.S. Route-29.


County takes in feedback on BRT at open house

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SILVER SPRING — County transportation officials on Monday showed off preliminary designs for the planned Route 29 Bus Rapid Transit system at the last of three open houses to gauge public response to the plan, which is still in the preliminary stages.

“The thing about the primary design is that there is still time to make changes if there is something the public reacts to very strongly. If they really like something or if they really don’t like something, we’re still early enough in the design process that we can make tweaks to the design,” said Montgomery County Department of Transportation BRT Project Manager Joana Conklin, adding that most of the recommendations she received from residents were related to proposed station locations.


County Council tackles Purple Line issues

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Montgomery Council President Roger Berliner (D-1) said the hardest part of building the Purple Line is yet to come.

“The hardest part is now before us,” Berliner said. “And it will be more important than ever that we have open communication with respect to this project.”

The Montgomery County Council Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment Committee met with state transit officials Sept. 28 to discuss the expected disruption and impact from the construction of the Purple Line, a 16- mile light-rail train that will connect Bethesda to the New Carrollton Metro Station. The committee meeting served as an opportunity for state transit officials to answer questions the community has on the Purple Line construction.


Hogan offers expansion plans and toll roads to ease traffic congestion in Capital corridor

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GAITHERSBURG – Gov. Larry Hogan announced three separate projects totaling $9 billion to widen Interstate Highway 270, Interstate Highway 495 and State Route 295 Sept. 21.

Hogan, along with Maryland Secretary of Transportation Pete Rahn, announced officials in his administration began the process of soliciting potential companies with which to form a public-private partnership (P3) to add four toll lanes each to Interstate Highway 270, to Interstate Highway 495 and to the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

“The daily backups on the Capital Beltway, I-270 and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway have made the Baltimore-Washington corridor one of the most congested regions in the nation,” Hogan said. “This problem has been marring the quality of life of Maryland citizens for decades. Today we are finally going to do something about it.”


Purple Line clears legal step

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A week after a panel of federal judges granted a stay, giving the paused Purple Line project new life, the County Council gave the go-ahead to the state transit administration to start work on the project.

On July 24, the Council approved a franchise agreement to allow the Maryland Transit Administration to build, operate and maintain the Purple Line in County owned right-of-ways. The unanimous agreement by the Council clears a legal step by giving the MTA the franchise agreement and authority to start working on the project on County-owned land.

The County will not charge the MTA for the new 70-year franchise agreement, citing “public benefits” for the project. Most of the County-owned land that the franchise agreement covers is in the Georgetown Branch area, a strip of land between Bethesda and Silver Spring.


Berliner slams new bridge

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berlinerCounty Council President Roger Berliner. COURTESY PHOTO  Montgomery County Council President Roger Berliner (D-1) blasted a new push to build another bridge over the Potomac River to connect Loudoun County, Virginia to Montgomery County promising it will never be built. 

"This is a zombie bridge and we need to put a stake in this,” Berliner said. “Our County has been opposed to this bridge forever and remains opposed to this bridge. It is a distraction.”


'There's a Convention?'

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Hogan skips GOP national convention to address MoCo traffic problems

Larry Hogan sunglasses 7-20-16Governor Larry Hogan       PHOTO BY NEAL EARLEY

POTOMAC – Calling Interstate 270 the “most congested, plagued corridor in all of Maryland,” Gov. Larry Hogan (R) announced the state government will spend $229.6 million to alleviate traffic on the highway.

Flanked by a Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett and Council members Nancy Floreen (D-At large), Roger Berliner (D-1) and George Leventhal (D-At large) near I-270 in Potomac, Hogan said Maryland had the worst traffic in the nation.

“We inherited a state infrastructure that for eight years had been largely ignored and severely underfunded,” Hogan said.

“A billion dollars has been siphoned from the transportation trust fund and was spent on things totally unrelated to transportation. As a result we had crumbling roads and bridges and the worst traffic in the nation.”


Watch where the airport big trucks go

All of us who use the busy airports are aware of various types of commercial vehicles that provide transportation to and from the airport.  Though it may appear sometimes that those vehicles come and go as they please, they are subject to regulation and police enforcement just like private vehicles.  This is illustrated by a case this week from Maryland’s highest Court called State of Maryland v. Vadim Roshchin.


Olney looks for BRT alternatives

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bus rapid transitOLNEY – The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) paused its study on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) alternatives for the upper portion of Georgia Avenue at the request of Olney community organizations.

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