Rockville mulls vote-by-mail for 2019 election

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Seal of Rockville MdROCKVILLE — Rockville residents and area election officials had mostly positive things to say Monday as the Rockville City Council considered a proposal to ameliorate declining voter turnout in city elections by putting an end to in-person voting and implementing a vote-by-mail system for the city’s 2019 election, under which every registered voter in the City of Rockville would receive a ballot in the mail, which voters would return by Election Day. 

“It’s an experience I mourn the loss of, if I go in this direction,” said Rockville resident and former mayoral candidate Drew Powell, who said he favors the change to vote by mail. “It doesn’t mean I’m against the initiative, it’s just something I will miss.” 

The lone voice who spoke in opposition to the proposal was Rockville resident Brigitta Mulligan, who suggested that the proposal be put to a referendum rather than be decided on by the Council.


Rockville mulls 'vote by mail'

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The City of Rockville is considering following the examples of Oregon, Washington state, and Colorado by moving to a vote-by-mail system for municipal elections.

“This is a wholesale change for the City,” said Council member Beryl Feinberg of the proposal for a vote-by-mail system, which was presented by Lois Neuman, who chairs the Rockville Board of Election Supervisors. 

If approved by the Mayor and Council, city residents would receive their ballot for the 2019 municipal election by mail, mark their ballot, place it in an envelope, sign an affidavit and mail their ballot in order to cast their vote.

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