Kathleen Matthews vows to knock on 10,000 doors to help local Democrats

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Kathleen MathewsKathleen Mathews. PHOTO BY TOSIN FAKILE  Maryland Democrats have internalized the harsh lessons of the 2014 and 2016 elections which left Larry Hogan in the governor’s mansion and Donald Trump in the White House, Maryland Democratic Party Chairwoman Matthews said, and they’re doing the hard work that is needed to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

“We need to get back to basics,” Matthews said during an exclusive interview at The Sentinel’s Rockville offices. “We need to start listening to people. People felt like they had been ignored and that Democrats took their votes for granted.”


Looking at the reasons why people opt to vote

Who votes depends on a series of factors. Is it a general election or a primary? Is it a presidential election year or an off year? In a presidential election year, many more voters come out to vote because, first, there is of course a great deal more at stake. Second, because the stakes are so much higher than in a non-presidential year, the media coverage is much greater. That additional coverage provides voters with more information and misinformation with which to choose a candidate.

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