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President Trump is no Super Hero

trumpnmePresident Donald Trump is the rabble rouser still looking for his Super Hero moment.
We all want one. I remember mine well. I was delivering pizzas in college and had just left a girl’s dorm at Stevens College and was running down an icy sidewalk. I hit a short flight of stairs and jumped to the bottom only to slip and fall – because you know I was running on ice. But I didn’t get hurt. I tucked and rolled and ended up in a Super Hero pose then got up quickly and kept running.

I confess! The President is Right!

13177504 10208239653381425 6201117303528567999 n“For the most part, all they do is complain. ... These are really, really dishonest people and they're bad people and I really think they don't like our country. I really believe that."
- President Donald Trump speaking about the media during a Phoenix Rally.

Well I guess the jig is up folks. I am going to be the first to turn in my secret Liberal/Jewish/Muslim media cabal decoder ring. The president has found us out.
If it hadn’t been for Trump, we might’ve gotten away with it, but he proved too much for us.

The president is right - and here's to you Lester Holt

DAJA h7W0AALnGdThe caller on the other end of the phone was adamant. “Have reporters lost their mojo?” She asked.
Before I could respond she explained all the reasons why reporters are taken advantage of by the current presidential administration, how and why reporters need to react and how she was “tired of watching you all take it all the time.”
She was also upset with reporters who “constantly tell me what to think,” and said the media are their own worst enemy.

Go To Your Room - and Grow up!

Me at WhiteThe simplest requests can often lead to the most obtuse results.
When my children were extremely young my wife and I tried to persuade them to “use their words,” when they were angry.

The best speech Trump has made yet

White House Front TwilightIn the stifling heat of the muggiest day in recent D.C. memory, last Monday President Donald Trump made his most enduring and remarkable speech since he took office. With hundreds of spectators gathered on the South Lawn of the White House, president Trump spoke of sacrifice and challenges. He spoke of inspiration and hard work. He spoke of selfless leadership and victory over insurmountable odds. He spoke of teamwork and appealed to the spirit of cooperation and becoming a part of something larger than ourselves.

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen budget?

GODApparently having an appreciation for the absurd is necessary in assembling a budget for President Trump. “I feel like I’m in a Monty Python skit,” said OMB Director Mick Mulvaney in the White House briefing room.
Twice in two days Mulvaney trotted out to visit with reporters - while the president traveled to the Middle East - in order to try and sell a budget that many on the Hill aren’t buying.
On that Monday Melodious Mick did his act off-camera in a gaggle before the remaining White House press corps not currently flying with the president to the Middle East – where they’ve witnessed him complimenting the Saudi Arabian leaders and their shoes. “Love your shoes. Boy, those shoes man,” he said to Saudi-Arabian leaders. (You really can’t make this stuff up).
President Trump’s wife has swatted away the president’s hand coming off Air force One and the president was photographed with a strange glowing orb rumored to sustain life and bring about peace in our days.
Meanwhile, Mulvaney, back on earth is trying to defend a budget that many on The Hill say is “Machiavellian and Draconian all at the same time.”

Violence against reporters and a presidential solution

Bill BiggartRemember Bill Biggart (at left) or Chauncey Bailey?
I’ll get back to you on that.
Meanwhile, for the first time in my memory an American politician was recently charged with assaulting a reporter. Apparently the new paradigm in American politics is “intimidate, prevaricate, and physically assault,” the electorate. If it seems like reporters, and by extension the electorate is made of abused spouses, then I’d say you’re on to something.
There should be little argument from anyone there is a war going on against reporters. Some merely see it as divine retribution while others see it as anti-American.
Four months after Donald Trump’s inauguration a reporter in Montana is allegedly “body slammed,” by newly elected Republican congressman Greg Gianforte – who said the reporter aggressively interviewed him. Apparently the term “sticks and stones” is a call to arms for those like Gianforte

While the President's away - who wants to play? Marijuana? Okay.

422390 4443156314825 1644154379 nThe president is away this week on his first international trip, and with just the normal cacophony in the District, it seems oddly quiet here.
The president made headlines in the Middle East with a billion dollar weapons deal with the Saudis and by saying things like, “Love your shoes. Boy, those shoes man,” to Saudi-Arabian leaders. (You can’t make this stuff up.)

In Defense of Sean Spicer

Sean SpicerFor fans of “Firefly” – all you brown coats out there – there’s a wonderful quote attributed to Adam Baldwin’s character. “If you can’t do something smart, then do something right.”
I think of that quote from time to time when I’m at the White House – mostly to relieve intense boredom or justify my existence – take your pick.
I think of it now because of the swirling rumors about the man who leads the daily news briefings inside the White House. 
During the last four months I’ve grown to know Sean Spicer – and while we haven’t always agreed with each other in the White House press room, he’s never taken anything I’ve said or done personally and I’ve never taken any of his rebukes personally.
Spicer, as the president’s press secretary, visits with the members of the media on a nearly daily basis to update us, answer questions and speak for President Donald Trump.
Everyone in the White House press room knows why he’s there – and as Sam Donaldson used to say  there’s nothing illegal or even immoral in having someone to “put their best foot forward, emphasize their successes, minimize or hide their blunders . . . and generally use the press to the extent they can as a tool for governing and retaining power.”
Spicer, along with every other presidential surrogate in the Trump administration has tried to live by the Larry Speakes creed: “Don’t tell us how to stage the news and we won’t tell you how to cover it.”

The Mystery of the John. C. Brown Bridge

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Photo170And who is Margaret S. Fletcher?


This is The John C. Brown Bridge. This bridge in Rockville is dedicated to the memory of the first Maryland man killed in the Korean war.

He died in June of 1950 and the monument dedicating the bridge in his name came on August 26, 1950.

Brown, a corporal, was killed in action and the plaque was posted on the bridge. Later the bridge was re-dedicated and the plaque was placed on a monument near the foot of the bridge, courtesy of the local VFW.

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