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Thousands of county residents volunteer for MLK day of service

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BETHESDA — On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, thousands of people came out to do volunteer work at locations throughout Montgomery County. About 2,000 people attended the event at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel, where there were booths for various volunteer activities such as packaging food, crocheting blanket squares, and making bracelets.

Coordinated by the Montgomery County Volunteer Center, the Martin Luther King Jr. “day of service” has been conducted every year since the 1990s for people to volunteer in remembrance of Dr. King.

“It’s ingrained in the national culture that Martin Luther King Day is a day of service, so people are looking for ways they can help locally,” said Volunteer Center Director Molly Callaway.

Takoma Park to remain a sanctuary city despite Trump's executive order

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Takoma Park Govt logo

While the future of Pres. Donald Trump’s executive order to severely limit the number of people from some Muslim-majority countries is played out in the courts and out in the streets filled with protesters, Takoma Park stands strong in its decades-old decision to be a sanctuary city.

“Nothing is changing,” said Mayor Kate Stewart.

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