Home ownership and freedom

house real estateWhile we enjoy the barbecues and fireworks that come along with the Fourth of July Holiday, we might take a moment to think about our freedom and independence.  And of course – homeownership is an expression of those liberties which is part of the “American Spirit” that drives us to achieve the American Dream.


Sex offenders and The Constitution

gavel2Maryland law since 1995 has provided that persons convicted of certain sex offenses must register with at State Sex Offender Registry. The federal Sex Offender Registration & Notification Act led to changes in Maryland’s statutes in 2009 and 2010, to adopt a uniform tiered approach to the requirements of registration.


Independent voters voice concern over low voter turnout

voting envelopeDespite the fact that unaffiliated, or independent, voters make up the second largest group of voters in Montgomery County according to data from the Maryland State Board of Elections (MSBE), they were only able to vote for one office in Maryland’s 2014 gubernatorial primaries – a limitation that has advocates for unaffiliated voters demanding a change in the state’s election process.


Young girl struck and killed while watching soccer game

police-tapeSILVER SPRING - A 13-year-old girl was struck and killed while with her family at Eastern Middle School Tuesday night.

According to Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson Pete Piringer, the incident took place around 8:30 p.m. in the parking lot of the school in the 300 block of University Boulevard.


There goes a flock of 'em

PencilPaperIt’s all right now.

Well, maybe not – at least if you follow the less-than-Supreme-Court.

This week in a move that seemed to anger every democrat and empower every Tea-Bagger, I mean Tea Partier – I mean Republican, whatever, The Supreme Court nullified a very small portion of the Affordable Health Care Act.


Negative campaigns and closed primaries suspect in turnout

negative-political-advertisingNegative campaigns have been part of American politics for years, but in Montgomery County – which at 16 percent  had the lowest total voter turnout rate in the state at the primary election last week – they may be driving voters away from the polls.


Former tenants say closing incubator is wrong message


whicROCKVILLE - Some forced out of  the William Hannah Innovation Center (WHIC), say the county destroyed one of the best things it had going when it closed the incubator on June 30.

David Beylin’s company, Brain Biosciences Inc., operated in the incubator for a year. Beylin’s company will temporarily move into an office in the Rockville Incubator.

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