Computer scientist runs for House of Delegates

Brian Crider 400x400Brian Crider. COURTESY PHOTO    Brian Crider, a computer scientist, says he was compelled to run for the House of Delegates in District 19 because of his concern for Maryland and his background in activism.

“I’ve been an activist for many years, and we’re just not making the progress we need,” said Crider. “I feel like we can do more, so my goal is to make Maryland better.”

Crider, a Democrat, says that part of what he hopes to do if elected is make people aware of resources that can help them. However, he also has a lot of ideas for things he wants to change.

“I want universal health care, $15 minimum wage tied to inflation, prescription medication control so we can actually control the cost of that, police accountability, criminal justice reform in general, legalize marijuana as part of that criminal justice reform, and getting money out of politics,” he said. “All the things that we need to do to make America or make Maryland better than what it currently is.”

Regarding criminal justice, Crider wants to change the way the state deals with nonviolent drug offenders.

“We have a significant number of people who are locked up for nonviolent drug offenses,” said Crider. “Locking people up for using is not a long-term solution. It starts with treatment.”

Crider also believes that improving transit is important for the people of Montgomery County.

“I actually support the Purple Line. I think it is a program that is needed,” said Crider. “You need to examine more than just building roads for solving traffic, and I believe that the Purple Line is a step in the right direction.”

“If we can provide quick affordable means to transport people where they need to go, I think that is the best solution rather than building tons and tons of roads,” he said. “We need to increase mass transit. We need to make it affordable, we need to make it quick, and we need to make it accessible to everyone”

Crider believes that his background in computer science sets him apart from other delegates and will help him if elected.

“My background is in computer science, and not policy or politics or being a lawyer, so when I come across problem I think logically how to fix them, what would be the impacts of the fix, and I think through the issues versus thinking about how to word things and how to spin things so they can appear better,” Crider said. “I think that brings a different perspective, and it brings a different background than what is currently in most of our representatives.”

I think people want honesty, and I think they want truth and they want people who honestly believe in the things that they say,” said Crider. “When I look at legislation, and when I think about crafting legislation I will obviously be consulting with people who are more experienced with writing bills, and but it will be bills that I believe in and it will be bills that will support Montgomery County and the state of Maryland.”


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