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Dog lovers openly cheer new law to help pit bulls


myth 1ANNAPOLIS - Dog activists say the passage of HB 73 is a step in the right direction of eliminating breed specific discrimination. The bill, which was passed on April 3, reverses the 2012 ruling by the court of appeals which ruled that pit bulls and pit bull breeds were inherently dangerous and landlords were also responsible for the damage caused from dog attacks. 


Group rallies to relocate FBI Headquarters


466px-US-FBI-ShadedSeal.svgCOLLEGE PARK- “Maryland is FBI” is the battle cry of state leaders who are pushing to bring the FBI headquarters to Prince George’s County. The state has pushed for the federal agency to move its headquarters since 2011 when the agency first announced it was looking to move from its current Hoover Building on Pennsylvania Ave. in northwest D.C. to a site in the district, Maryland, or Virginia.


District 16 candidates take the pledge

892279 341356335974550 1483877683 oBETHESDA- All 11 candidates in the District 16 delegate primary race have signed a petition agreeing to run a clean campaign race without negative ads or slanderous information of other candidates often seen in other campaign races. The pledge, written by candidate Jordan Cooper, was not inspired by any incident but by the realization the three successful candidates must work together in Annapolis. 


Shadowy entity under question once again


MCAC-1 w350WOODLAWN, MD. – The Anti-Terrorist Advisory Committee (ATAC)executive committee, which oversees the Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center (MCAC), does not open its meetings up to the public, and does not offer formal reports of its meetings for public scrutiny even though it receives government funds, according to the ATAC coordinator.