Deer wandering on Red Line tracks near Silver Spring Metro

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Dozens of Metrorail riders had to take a shuttle bus to travel past Forest Glen station on the Red Line toward D.C. Friday, but it wasn’t due to SafeTrack or unscheduled track work.

A deer was seen wandering on the tracks between the Forest Glen station and Silver Spring Transit Center as of 10:30 a.m. so Metro shut down that section of track, spokesperson Richard Jordan said.

“We’re kind of just waiting on it to move along on its own,” Jordan said.

Jordan said Metro single-tracked trains at first, and then arranged for buses to replace trains between the two stations. 

“I can’t venture to guess... what prompted the deer to get on the tracks,” Jordan said, stifling a laugh. 

The deer was first reported near the Silver Spring Transit Center but then it walked to a different location, said Jordan, without an update on the deer’s current whereabouts. 

Metro customers heard about the deer-related delays in announcements at Red Line station entrances as early as 8:30 a.m.

Information on whether Metro contacted Montgomery County Animal Services were not confirmed as of Friday morning. 

Instead of waiting for a shuttle, riders can also take Metrobuses Q2, Q4, Y2, Y7 or Y8 to travel between Forest Glen and Silver Spring stations, according to Metro. 

Through Nov. 22, Metro has shut down service between Fort Totten and NoMa-Gallaudet stations, replacing trains with free shuttles for the tenth SafeTrack project of 15.



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