Smoldering debris on Metro tracks causes Red Line backlog

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D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services personnel were dispatched this afternoon to Gallery Place station due to smoldering debris on the tracks, spokesperson Vito Maggiolo said.

Metro spokesperson Ron Holzer said Metro was single-tracking trains between Farragut North and Judicary Square stations due to a “smoldering stud bolt” at Gallery Place station, which caused some smoke.


Metro delays due to smoke on Nats’ opening day

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Opening day for the Washington Nationals got a little hairy after a major transfer point on the Metro closed down because of smoke on the tracks.

Metro closed two Red Line stations for two hours Monday while the D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services and Metro personnel investigated a report of smoke on the tracks Monday, Metro spokesperson Richard Jordan said.

Jordan said the source of the smoke was a stud bolt that was grounded. Metro did not run trains between two stops while Metro and D.C. Fire EMS investigated.

“The location of the stud bolt was between Gallery Place and Judiciary Square, so trains were turned back at the stations on either side (Metro Center and Union Station),” Jordan said.


Recurring fire and smoke at Gallery Place Metro

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Gallery Place Fire  Smoke 1Metro closed Gallery Place for repairs after smoke filled the station early Monday evening due to a "smoldering bolt." PHOTO COURTESY OF HELEN STARKWEATHER

D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services investigated a “smoldering bolt” at Gallery Place Metro station that occurred around 6 p.m. Monday night. Staff closed the station after another fire occurred later in the same area so crews could repair that section of the track. One rider complained of smoke inhalation and emergency medical techmicians took the rider to a hospital, said Maggiolo.

D.C. Fire/EMS spokesperson Vito Maggiolo said firefighters responded to the station due to a report of smoke in the station. They arrived after Metro staff had already put out the fire using fire extinguishers in powdered form. 

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