Green Party candidate files for County Council at-Large

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Tim WillardTim Willard. COURTESY PHOTO  

BETHESDA – Green Party candidate Tim Willard of Kensington has filed with the County Board of Elections to run for the County Council at Large in 2018.

“I’m running on a platform of sustainability,” Willard said. “We have start planning an end to growth, it’s getting expensive, and we have to figure out how we go into the future,” he added.


Green Party nominee Jill Stein rallies at UMD

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COLLEGE PARK – Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and her running mate Ajamu Baraka told several hundred people at a campaign rally Sunday they had more options than the major party nominees.

 “You are what democracy looks like UMD,” Stein shouted to an audience of several hundred, populated largely by University of Maryland students. “We are in the middle of a mobilization that puts people, peace, and plant over profit.”


Democrats outpace Republicans in new voter registrations in Montgomery

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ROCKVILLE – With early voting beginning in one week, Montgomery County Democrats are out-registering Republicans by an eight-to-one margin, according to the County Board of Elections.

From Sept. 1 through 30, the number of registered Democrats in the county increased from 377,130 to 381,837, a total of 4,707 additional registered voters.

During the same time period, the Republicans increased their total from 121,492 to 122,075, an increase of 583 voters, less than the 1,002 people who joined the ranks of unaffiliated voters.

That came one month after the Republican voter roll dipped by 376 voters while Democrats increased their voter roll by 1,114 voters.

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