UPDATE: Rockville fires Swift

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Rockville Seal

ROCKVILLE – Rockville is one manager down after action this week.

The city manager fired the director of Community Planning and Development Services March 3, spokesperson Marylou Berg confirmed.

“I made a change in the best interest of the organization and the City,” City Manager Rob DiSpirito said Monday. “I feel that the department needed new direction and a fresh start.”


Rockville city manager’s proposed budget includes more police officers

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ROCKVILLE – The city manager’s proposed fiscal year 2018 capital and operating budgets include increased water costs for residents, new capital improvement projects and added police officers.

According to the Department of Finance, Administration and Budget Division, the only new positions in the proposed budget are three additional sworn police officers. The last time the city received new police officers was the addition of two for a total of 59 in fiscal year 2014.

The new City Manager Rob DiSpirito said in a letter to the city and to the mayor and council that he proposed to add three police officers to the city department “to increase public safety and to improve health and well-being of our Police force.”


Rockville looks for police chief opportunity

New Rockville City Manager Rob DiSpirito said he intends to seek input from the Rockville community about police in the city prior to a national search for candidates to fill the vacant police chief position.

DiSpirito said he intends to become familiar with the interests and needs of the city, including residents, police officers and city employees, so he can be informed on what needs the chief should be able to address.

“I need to take time, as any manager would,” DiSpirito said.

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