Metro delays due to smoke on Nats’ opening day

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Opening day for the Washington Nationals got a little hairy after a major transfer point on the Metro closed down because of smoke on the tracks.

Metro closed two Red Line stations for two hours Monday while the D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services and Metro personnel investigated a report of smoke on the tracks Monday, Metro spokesperson Richard Jordan said.

Jordan said the source of the smoke was a stud bolt that was grounded. Metro did not run trains between two stops while Metro and D.C. Fire EMS investigated.

“The location of the stud bolt was between Gallery Place and Judiciary Square, so trains were turned back at the stations on either side (Metro Center and Union Station),” Jordan said.


This Silver Spring native has his finger on the history button

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Evan Phifer 1 1Evan Phifer stands by one of the many educational exhibits in the White House Visitor Center he helped research. COURTESY PHOTO  

While attending a recent Washington Nationals' baseball game, Evan Phifer listened contentedly to the people around him trying to guess the answer to the history question posted on the team’s gigantic scoreboard.

After all, the 27-year-old Silver Spring native wrote that question.

As a research historian at the White House Historical Association, Phifer is part of a team providing historic content for researchers, web articles and anyone wondering about this country’s presidents and the White House.

When preparing a question that will be displayed in the fifth inning of each of the 81 Nationals’ home games during the regular season – not to mention additional ones in the playoffs this year –  Phifer is more interested in attracting interest than in stumping the crowd.

“Even if the person gets it wrong, they are still interested,” he said. “I hear people talking amongst themselves what the answer can be,” said Phifer. “It’s educational outreach.”


Local baseball fans cheer as O's and Nats speed toward a showdown

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20120330 baseball 33On Sept. 16, Patrick Randall watched the Washington Nationals clinch the National League’s East Division title from his Silver Spring home and poured himself a glass from an 18-year-old bottle of Dewar’s Scotch Whisky to celebrate. A short time later the same evening, Randall poured himself another glass to celebrate the Baltimore Orioles clinching the American League’s East Division title.

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