State Senator Madaleno running for Governor of Maryland

State Senator Madaleno running for Governor of Maryland
MD Governor Candidate Ben Jealous talks Montgomery County & Maryland Issues
White House Unveils New Point Based Immigration Plan
Montgomery Co 911 Response Time Numbers Go Up

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Two more at-large candidates file for Co…

21-08-2017 Hits:430 Local Neal Earley - avatar Neal Earley

Will Jawando (D) and Mohammad Siddique (D) both filed for at-large seats on the Montgomery County Council. COURTESY PHOTOS  Since the new term limits amendment to the County charter, preventing reelection bids for at-large incumbent Council members Nancy Floreen, George Leventhal and Marc Elrich, there will be at least three new At-Large Council members in 2018. Two more at-large candidates officially filed for County Council this week, bringing the total number of candidates to 11 for four at-large seats.

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County offers free month of bus ride on …

17-08-2017 Hits:294 Local  Neal Earley - avatar Neal Earley

GAITHERSBURG -- Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett came to the Montgomery County Fairgrounds Monday to offering residents a chance at a free ride. On Monday, Leggett announced that the County will waive bus fares for the County’s new expedited bus service Ride On Extra as a way to entice commuters to take public transit rather driving themselves. Ride On Extra’s MD-355 route will begin Oct. 2 and will not charge fares for the month of October. “Along Route 355, our busiest commuting route, people will have another option for getting to work and home, while using WiFi to stay connected,” Leggett said in a statement. “On an introductory basis, this service will be free during October, to encourage people to try it out and decide whether it might be preferable to their current commute by transit or car.”

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MoCo Dems begin the Summer of Resistance…

17-08-2017 Hits:327 Local Carolyn Komatsoulis - avatar Carolyn Komatsoulis

The Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee launched its “Summer of Resistance and Renewal in Montgomery County” in mid-July, but the canvassing that makes up those efforts began in earnest this past weekend. Those canvassing efforts are aimed at drop-off voters with the hope of ensuring a Gov. Larry Hogan loss in 2018. “There’s good turnout for general elections, for presidential elections, more of a drop-off with midterms,” said Jackie Coolidge, a precinct official in District 18. “This is going to be a very exciting year leading up to the election.” Before the canvassing started, the small group of canvassers gathered in the Margaret Schweinhaut Senior Center, and one of the organizers, Marie Mapes, posed an important question: “What are the barriers to (drop-off voters) feeling engaged in the Democratic Party?”

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State News

Computer scientist runs for House of Del…

17-08-2017 Hits:1198 State Carolyn Komatsoulis - avatar Carolyn Komatsoulis

Brian Crider. COURTESY PHOTO    Brian Crider, a computer scientist, says he was compelled to run for the House of Delegates in District 19 because of his concern for Maryland and his background in activism. “I’ve been an activist for many years, and we’re just not making the progress we need,” said Crider. “I feel like we can do more, so my goal is to make Maryland better.” Crider, a Democrat, says that part of what he hopes to do if elected is make people aware of resources that can help them. However, he also has a lot of ideas for things he wants to change.

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Trone speaks at local BBQ on his new bid…

10-08-2017 Hits:412 State Carolyn Komatsoulis - avatar Carolyn Komatsoulis

David Trone speaks at a Smokey Glen Barbecue. PHOTO BY CAROLYN KOMATSOULIS   At a barbecue at Smokey Glen to promote his run for the 6th congressional district, David Trone called to mind his simple farm beginnings and progressive ideas in the hopes of his message resonating with Maryland voters. “You know I’m in a farm, we learned a couple of things, most important thing is hard work,” said Trone. “What we do on that farm, whether it was shoveling chicken manure, literally 13 tons of manure every day, that would be good practice in Washington.” “We also did a lot of time feeding hogs. That could be good practice in Washington too,” said Trone.

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ACLU Sues Hogan

04-08-2017 Hits:443 State Neal Earley - avatar Neal Earley

Blocking people on Facebook comes back to haunt governor and county takes notice   ROCKVILLE – Members of the Montgomery County Council say they’re taking notice after the American Civil Liberties Union filed suit against Gov. Larry Hogan. The lawsuit, filed Monday, alleges that Hogan’s staff members deleted comments and blocked constituents from viewing his Facebook page. “The highest purpose of the First Amendment is to protect the right of Americans to engage in political speech and to petition the government to address their concerns," said Deborah Jeon, legal director for the ACLU of Maryland in a statement.

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There is no clear path to peace with Tru…

16-08-2017 Hits:1693 Editor's Notebook Brian J. Karem - avatar Brian J. Karem

I walked through the deserted streets of Charlottesville Saturday afternoon thinking of Baltimore and Ferguson in the aftermath of riots there as well as the empty streets of Kuwait City in the aftermath of its liberation during the Gulf War.Chaos, then a nervous calm and finally reflection followed each experience.Lost in the chaos in the aftermath of the riot in Charlottesville was the news that North Korea had decided to step back from the brink.It is perhaps the greatest victory of the Trump era and no one was talking about it – including the President of the United States – who in a raucous exchange with the press at Trump Tower Tuesday seemingly defended Alt-Right demonstrators and other white supremacists who sparked violence Saturday near the campus of the University of Virginia.

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Trump tries to reboot and steps on his C…

09-08-2017 Hits:1472 Editor's Notebook Brian J. Karem - avatar Brian J. Karem

As the helicopter soared off the South Lawn last week members of the media and even White House staff members issued a sigh of relief – 17 days with President Trump away from Washington D.C.The president, dressed in a red-tie, white shirt and dark suit looked like an emasculated Rodney Dangerfield as he headed off into the sunset almost as if it were a scene in the movie perpetually playing in his head. It was the end of the first act of this frenetic presidency while the second act in the psychodrama began with Prosecutor Robert Mueller opening a second grand jury into the Russia/Trump “Witch Hunt” and issuing the first of what may be many subpoenas.

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders is always right!

02-08-2017 Hits:7808 Editor's Notebook Brian J. Karem - avatar Brian J. Karem

In Tuesday’s press briefing Sarah Huckabee Sanders finally told me the truth.When a reporter asked Sanders how the administration would deal with members of the GOP who believe the president isn’t being truthful Sanders said “I think by being truthful and transparent as he has every single day.”

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Dietsch wins duckpin bowling pro tour

22-08-2017 Hits:1261 Sports Brandy L. Simms - avatar Brandy L. Simms

Jesse Dietsch (right) celebrates with his father Dale on Jesse’s win of the Pop Whitten Pro Tour at White Oak Duckpin Lanes. PHOTO BY DAVID WOLFE  SILVER SPRING – Jesse Dietsch couldn’t hold back the tears Sunday at White Oak Duckpin Lanes. Dietsch, a Montgomery County native, captured his second win on the Pop Whitten Pro Tour and pocketed the $2,500 first place paycheck just one day after his 26th birthday. “By the grace of God I stayed focused,” said Dietsch. “I had some good competition up through the bracket and I came through today. Yesterday was my birthday so it’s a good win.” Dietsch, a 2009 Walkersville High School graduate, was born at Olney’s Montgomery General Hospital in 1991 and has a pedigree like no other.

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Prep grabs 12-0 scrimmage win over Whitm…

22-08-2017 Hits:310 Sports Eva Paspalis - avatar Eva Paspalis

Whitman Vikings quarterback Elliott Kelly under pressure from Georgetown Prep's defense during football scrimmage. PHOTO BY MARK POETKER  ROCKVILLE – A heavy rainstorm couldn’t keep the Georgetown Prep Little Hoyas from defeating the Whitman Vikings in their first scrimmage of the season on Friday, 12-0.  A rainbow framed the field as both squads stomped onto the rain-soaked turf. Since the game was a scrimmage, there were no quarters, kickoffs or halftime. Coaches from both teams stood in the opposite end zones and watched intently, shouting instructions.

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Platt Back At Towson

17-08-2017 Hits:723 Sports Brandy L. Simms - avatar Brandy L. Simms

Adrian Feliz-Platt. FILE PHOTOA Towson University official confirmed on Wednesday that former Seneca Valley standout running back Adrian Feliz-Platt has returned to the football program. “Adrian has rejoined the team,” John Brush, Director of Media Relations in Towson’s Department of Athletics wrote in an email message. Platt told The Sentinel “I had left for a few days due to personal reasons. They ended up letting me come back though.”

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Baby we all live in a reggae Yellow Dubm…

17-08-2017 Hits:330 Entertainment Matt Hooke - avatar Matt Hooke

Yellow Dubmarine performing at Strathmore AMP. PHOTO BY MATT HOOKE  As soon as Yellow Dubmarine started their set with a cover of The Beatles “Norwegian Wood,” you could tell this was not your average tribute band. With horns replacing George Harrison’s distinctive sitar intro, and the songs’ folksy atmospherics replaced by a steady reggae pulse, the audience Friday at Strathmore AMP quickly piled onto the dance floor to groove to Beatles classics reimagined as reggae jams. “It was just an idea that came to us one day,” said bassist Aaron Glazer. “We started with just four people and then grew, with percussion and horns, and it took on a life of its own.” The seven-piece band featured a three-piece horn section, along with a rhythm section of guitar, bass, drums, hand percussion, and keyboard. This extensive lineup allowed them to vary their arrangements throughout the night.

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Takoma Park record label fosters homegro…

17-08-2017 Hits:326 Entertainment Matt Hooke - avatar Matt Hooke

Tired of being forced to relinquish artistic and creative control to major labels, Grammy-winning producer and Takoma Park native Charlie Pilzer decided to forge his own path. He founded Azalea City Recordings in 1996. For Pilzer, the label gives his job as a recording engineer and producer a more personal touch. “I’m immersed in music hours and hours every day. I’ve worked on well over 2000 albums. The cool thing about the label is that it keeps it on a personal level. It doesn’t become a factory to me,” said Pilzer.

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S.S. plays are one-act but definitely no…

17-08-2017 Hits:497 Entertainment Barbara Trainin Blank - avatar Barbara Trainin Blank

Playwright Marilyn Millstone’s “Compos Mentis” will be staged during the second weekend of the Silver Spring Stage One-Act Festival. COURTESY PHOTO      Irwin and Anna Leder had been Marilyn Millstone’s next-door neighbors and surrogate parents for 14 years. So, it was not surprising that their departure for a senior facility impacted her. But it also inspired the news-and-feature journalist and essayist turned dramatist to write another play. In “Compos Mentis,” (which is Latin, meaning “of sound mind”) Millstone has added the child of an elderly couple, who pressures them to go to an assisted living facility while the couple resists and wants to retain independence.

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