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And so it goes . . . yet again and again

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Published on: Thursday, October 17, 2013

By Brian J. Karem

As we head into the homestretch in the Rockville elections it is interesting to note some of the private trash collectors in the county are once again on strike.

I’m not suggesting correlation is causation nor am I suggesting any relationship at all between smelly uncollected garbage and Rockville politics. I’m merely pointing out both exist side by side.

This comes as a crazy week just gets crazier. My wife is convinced it is a sign of the coming Zombie Apocalypse and really, who am I to disagree.

When Magruder beats W.J. 4-2 and the combined offensive output can be accounted for by three safeties – scored by the defense – in a game reminiscent of a major league baseball score one has to seriously consider whether or not the end is near.

Further evidence can be found in Rockville city government as the city manager is left contemplating the legality and liability of the city in yet another potential lawsuit as she reminds everyone how the infamous Saul Ewing report may have violated the anonymity of its participants.

I haven’t the time to go through all of the bullet points in that particular turgid mess, nor do I have the time to list all the legal entanglements the city of Rockville finds itself in due to its own gross incompetence.

The elections are coming up and the good voters of Rockville can handle their own hash, but perhaps not their trash as long as the strike continues.

Meanwhile the election in Rockville, despite being potentially one of the most contentious in recent memory has instead turned into one of the quietest. More reminiscent of a glass of dirty warm milk than an election, Rockville is grappling with a host of problems.

Most interesting are the non-binding ballot initiatives put before the citizens regarding its city charter.

A city charter commission appointed by the mayor recommended a host of potential changes, three of which will be voted on in November.

“They’re only suggestions and we don’t have to follow them,” one council member has been heard to say repeatedly.

It will be interesting to see what he says if a majority of people support these changes.

The charter commission is recommending two more members on the city council, increasing the length of service between elections from two to four years and changing the elections in Rockville to coincide with presidential elections in order to draw more people into voting.

Amazingly it is this last suggestion that scares some council members – or perhaps it isn’t a surprise it scares them.

Some of the council members only want the “informed” electorate to vote in city elections and favor the smaller voter turnout the off-year elections inevitably bring.

The reason is quite easy to understand – it’s cheaper and easier for those politically active to pander and rally a smaller number of people in order to get elected. When your voter turnout numbers around 16 percent of eligible voters in the city, one can imagine getting elected with barely more votes than your immediate friends, family and acquaintances if you’re even semi-well known in Rockville.

More people turning out for an election means you might actually have to resort to working in order to get elected.

While the inept laziness of some members of the council should surprise no one it is still amazing people would admit to their bias and ignorance in public.

As the man said, arrogant and ignorant is no way to go through life son.

But it is a fact of life in Rockville, so devoid of those capable and willing to run for office the only slate to run in the city calls itself “Team Rockville.”

A name that is so vanilla it reminds one of either a blank piece of paper, or perhaps paradoxically it will reminds younger voters of “Team America – World Police.”

Though I confess the puppets in that movie seem less wooden than some of the office holders in Rockville.

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