Puppies, rainbows and wet sponges


If you thought the blue lines in hockey were confusing (apologies to MAD Magazine), try spending time in the White House briefing room.
While most of the nation wants a health care plan much like the plan congressmen can enjoy, and while hate crimes and anti-Semitism are on the rise, reporters in the White House press briefing room are enduring a never ending epidemic of language H.L. Mencken would describe as “wet sponges,” though earlier this week we heard it in the guise of “rainbows and puppies.”
What was said? Well it turns out it wasn’t said. Maybe we didn’t understand and it doesn’t matter because there’s something new to say to us any way. Bad hombres are all about.


I have a great idea for a Tweet



White House Front Twilight

Brevity can be the soul of wit. However, brevity often proves to be witless and soulless. Hence I’ve never been a fan of Twitter.
Last weekend President Donald Trump, riding high after a speech before a joint session of Congress –a speech when at times he waxed philosophical by implying it isn’t too much to dream of our footsteps on alien worlds – shot himself in his foot with a tweet.


Somerset mayor resigns from country club after controversy with President Barack Obama

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Jeffrey SlavinJeffrey Slavin.         COURTESY PHOTO  

Somerset Mayor Jeffrey Slavin resigned his membership from Woodmont Country Club after a reported controversy over whether Woodmont would offer President Barack Obama an honorary membership.

The New York Post reported that some members from the predominantly Jewish Rockville country club do not want Obama to become a member because of his administration’s stance on Israel.

“Whether that’s a fact or not, it has put a stain on the country club this – wonderful institution,” Slavin said.


Whitman team visits the White House

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Whitman girls White House visit 2The Whitman girls team also posed w/ the Minnesota Lynx at the White House. COURTESY PHOTO


The Whitman girls basketball team – fresh off a state championship run less than four months ago – had to cancel their summer league matchup in Germantown against Good Counsel on Monday.

Instead of playing against the Falcons at the Discovery Sports Center, the Vikings accepted an invitation to the White House for a ceremony honoring the 2015 WNBA champion Minnesota Lynx.

“It was quite an honor,” said Whitman head coach Peter Kenah, who noted that the trip to the nation’s capital marked his second visit to the White House but was a first for many of his players.


Another "Birther" bites the dust

There have been a number of lawsuits filed by persons referred to in the press and media as “birthers,” who allege that President Obama was not born in the United States and is therefore ineligible under the U.S. Constitution to be President. While the President’s second term is approaching its end, last week the Maryland Court of Special Appeals addressed such a suit, in a case called Montgomery Blair Sibley v. John Doe.


The case of the media vs. Sir Donald Duck Trump


constitutionLet’s talk about Journalism. The Free Press.
We media folk recently got a lot of flak for the extensive amount of coverage given to Presidential aspirant Donald Duck Trump.
It is estimated the Donald has been the recipient of almost two billion dollars worth of free advertising since he tossed his clown nose in the ring which may or not be true, but for the sake of argument let’s say it is a fact.
No less than President Barack Obama recently took the press to task for our infatuation with Donald and all things Trump related.
“A job well done is about more than just handing someone a microphone. It is to probe and to question, and to dig deeper, and to demand more. The electorate would be better served if that happened. It would be better served if billions of dollars in free media came with serious accountability,” The President is quoted as saying at a Washington D.C. dinner and in an online Fortune Magazine article.


GOP presidential debate long on rhetoric, short on substance

The second Republican presidential candidates debate, conducted on CNN, focused more on each candidate responding to slights hurled by the other candidates than on what and, more importantly, how the candidates would address the serious issues facing this country. In a nutshell, the debate was more rhetoric with little substance, but a great deal of Ronald Reagan name-dropping and an awful lot of "dump on Trump," the front-runner.



Is that a clock in your pocket or are you happy to see me?


8808753 GSo deep in the bowels of America, somewhere near the home of the Dallas Cowboys, a young teenager constructed a homemade clock.
When he took it to school, rather than being congratulated for his ingenuity and promise, he was arrested because after all he’s a Muslim and the damn thing looked like a bomb.
I mean what were those highly intelligent Cowboy fans supposed to think?
Ain’t no way a kid would construct a clock? Most of the kids in Irving probably can’t spell “clock” especially if it isn’t the last name of a Cowboy football player.
I?mean the poor guy - the teacher that is - was confronted by a teen who wants to be an engineer and who had fashioned a clock out of a pencil case.

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