Promises, promises and the Dionne Warwick lament

Trump face

Oh, promises, their kind of promises, can just destroy a life
Oh, promises, those kind of promises, take all the joy from life
– by Burt Bacharach and Hal David

Elections, as we have all recently learned, have consequences. No one should be surprised that promises made by the elected candidate during the campaign run the risk of being implemented after the winner takes office.


In farewell, Mikulski urges bipartisanship and a warning

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Barbara Mikulski at DNCRetiring Sen. Barbara Mikulski addresses the audience earlier this year at the Democratic National Convention. FILE PHOTO  

WASHINGTON - Since the 1990s, Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski has periodically organized dinners with the rest of the women in the Senate, no matter the party affiliation.

The women call these dinners their “zone of civility,” in which they talk about things ranging from their personal lives to political matters. Everything is off the record, their mantra being “no staff, no memos, and no leaks."

During her farewell remarks Wednesday, which she called a "summing up" speech, Democrat Mikulski recalled the first time Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, a Republican, reached out to work together. Both women’s staff responded negatively.

“‘Ew, she wants to work with you on something,’” Mikulski recalled her staff saying. “‘She’s a conservative from Texas and she wants to do something for women.’”

To which Mikulski responded, “How about if we listen?”


Media responsibility and the new American political dynamic

Media responsibility lacking



With the nation stunned and Donald Trump’s minions giddy as teenagers on ecstasy, it’s time to take a good hard look at the national media.
After all, the national press has a lot to answer for in how the recent presidential race was covered and the inability to see the wave of anger, fear and hatred of Washington D.C. and traditional politics that has swept the electorate and Heir Donald into the White House.
Trump has destroyed both major parties and is set to spread his demagoguery across the country via his newly won bully pulpit.
To quote Mencken, “… it is to the interest of all the rest of us to hold down his powers to an irreducible minimum and to reduce his compensation to nothing.”


Local officials decry Trump's "rigged" claims

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Though some local residents are supporting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s (R) claim the coming general election is “rigged” those who run the elections are urging voters to keep the faith.

“The Democrats have damaged the integrity of our elections, the Democrats have damage the integrity of the election process,” said Jerry Cave, a Bethesda resident who volunteers for the Trump campaign.

However, Cave did not cite any evidence of voter fraud occurring in Montgomery County.

Mary Wagner, director of voter registration for the Maryland Board of Election (BOE), said voters should have confidence in the electoral system.

“I think we have safeguards in place, I think our voter registration roll as in great shape,” Wagner said.


Democrats outpace Republicans in new voter registrations in Montgomery

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ROCKVILLE – With early voting beginning in one week, Montgomery County Democrats are out-registering Republicans by an eight-to-one margin, according to the County Board of Elections.

From Sept. 1 through 30, the number of registered Democrats in the county increased from 377,130 to 381,837, a total of 4,707 additional registered voters.

During the same time period, the Republicans increased their total from 121,492 to 122,075, an increase of 583 voters, less than the 1,002 people who joined the ranks of unaffiliated voters.

That came one month after the Republican voter roll dipped by 376 voters while Democrats increased their voter roll by 1,114 voters.


I'm still waiting for the blind baton twirler


BelushiSomewhere or some when during the course of the Republican nomination process in 2016 someone slipped in a script for an Animal House sequel.

Senator Blutarsky is talking about the size of his uniquely male secondary sexual characteristics while one of his opponents, “Flounder,” is devouring suddenly appearing, unidentifiable cubicles of semi-white apparent food from his lips while he makes his campaign points live on national television.


Suffocating the voice of the people


The 2014 election serves as the poster child for the impact that gerrymandering has on our elections. The 2014 election was, to say the least, a total disaster for Democrats as it resulted in Republicans taking over the Senate as well as pick up additional seats in the House. This occurred despite the fact that Democrats received more votes in total across the country than did Republicans.

Likewise, in the 2012 elections, although seven states voted for President Obama, they elected a majority Republican Congressional delegation. Virginia is one such state; Barack Obama won this state twice, yet eight of Virginia's 11 members of the House are Republicans while just three are Democrats. How is this possible? Simple. Gerrymandering of voting districts!


Trusting Iran isn't the point, Ben Cardin

I didn't think I would be visiting the issue of the Iran nuclear deal in my column so soon after writing about it as recently as Aug. 7. However, I recently had the opportunity to attend a luncheon hosted by the Women's Democratic Club of Montgomery County at which our own Sen. Ben Cardin served as the guest speaker.

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