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To that certain Germantown driver

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Published on: Thursday, May 09, 2013

By Brian J. Karem

This one goes out to the less-than-cogent individual who caused an automobile accident near the corner of Black Rock and Germantown road last week.

A middle-aged man and his blushing bride drove north on Germantown road with the light. In the south bound lane of Germantown road a woman in a small blue sedan that looked more like a pregnant roller skate than a car. She turned left in front of the middle-aged man and his blushing bride who were in a Ford Tank (i.e. Ford Expedition).

The middle-aged man hit his brakes and avoided a collision with the woman in the blue sedan who managed to flip a certain finger in the middle-aged man’s direction before she drove off gleefully.

Behind the middle-aged man another man approached in a Ford F150 and hit the Ford Expedition from behind.

I was driving the Expedition and my wife injured her neck and will have to undergo eight weeks of therapy to help her out.

While the man behind me admitted his culpability we are both upset with the ghost of a driver who cut me off.

I have long thought civility is in short supply in the Republic, but had held out hope for responsibility and respect.

Sadly I believe they are gone as well.

Some blame the Internet, some blame my generation and some say people never change.

We’re preached to turn the other cheek, help out those in need of assistance and take responsibility for our actions.

Our politicians, teachers, priests and others show us a world diametrically opposed to the ideals they preach.

I originally thought my wife to be more seriously injured when I saw soy sauce on her cheek and mistakenly thought it was blood. I was relieved. She was in tears – fearful because of what happened.

Had the driver of the pregnant roller skate merely stepped up to admit culpability then the man behind me, my wife and myself would’ve been less stressed and very thankful – but of course that didn’t happen.

I’ll tell you what else didn’t happen this week.

The alleged Boston Bombing suspect didn’t get buried. There are plenty of people happy about this, and there are all kinds of suggestions as to what to do with the dead man’s body that include but are not limited to sending him to Russia in pieces, burning him and drawing and quartering him.

The teacher of the faith I follow told me to treat my enemies as myself.

Obviously there is no stomach for my beliefs in today’s world.

Oh, there are those who believe in the appearance of being Christian, but are willing to sell that down the river at the first sign of strife.

That’s not how I was raised and I’m certainly not better nor do I think I’m better than them.

I admit. When I was wronged, my first thought was I should’ve refrained from putting on my brakes and merely driven over the pregnant roller skate – ultimately causing substantive harm and perhaps death to the less-than-cogent individual driving the car which cut me off.

Gandhi said he had patience for rascals because he was one himself – so I’m trying to learn oh Lord, I’m trying to learn.

I guess I can forgive and move on as I look at my wife’s face, remember her tears and fears.

After all, it is what it is and I thank God my wife wasn’t more seriously injured.

Going forward from that, maybe I can learn to treat others who’ve done me wrong with a little better treatment than they’ve shown me.

Perhaps I can show I have faith by displaying my faith.

Maybe we can do the same for the Boston Bombing suspect. After all, he was responsible – allegedly – for killing three and injuring hundreds. More died in the fertilizer explosion in Texas, many more are killed by the decisions of CEO’s and Presidents every year and yet no one denies these people a proper burial.

Maybe, just maybe if I can forgive the idiot, we all can forgive the heinous, the ugly, the most fearful.

Just a thought, I admit. I’m a dreamer – but I still pray I’m not the only one.

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