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Waiting for the anvil to drop again

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Published on: Thursday, January 31, 2013

By Brian J. Karem

For some reason I cannot understand, I seemed to have lost my sense of humor and I’m only capable of angering my neighbors.

I don’t know when this happened, but there it is.

Driving to the grocery store the other day, I parked and there was an empty spot next to me. I was there briefly when another car pulled in extremely close to me thereby making it difficult for me to open my car door. I rolled down the window and asked the man, “could you please move so I can get out of my car?”

He used a racial slur to describe me that has no relationship to my race and he refused to move.

I shrugged. I didn’t feel like fighting an old, balding fat man, so I crawled out the passenger side door and went into the grocery store.

There I had a clerk confront me as I was shopping. Dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and my long black coat, I guess I resembled a shoplifter because he asked me, “Who do you think you are?”

I raised my hands and said, “I’m just shopping.”

“Do you think you’re cool wearing shorts?”

I looked down.


“It’s cold outside. Why are you wearing shorts?”

I shrugged. “I like them.”

He snorted and walked away.

I also have a neighbor who hasn’t spoken to me in about a year, since my dog bit him, another neighbor who hates my children and told me I obviously haven’t raised them correctly and recently a friend who called me a liar when I asked him for advice.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I guess since I can inadvertently anger people, it should be easy enough to do it on purpose.

I want to make the state legislature angry, but I believe the collective intelligence in our robust body of lawmakers make them incapable of understanding a sentence longer than three words, hence they won’t have the mental acumen to become angry.

But I’ll give it a shot.

The senate is considering raising the gas tax again – this time by three percent. While half of what our governor wanted, it’s a lot more than the economy and the evaporating middle class can handle.

We are facing an increase in this tax because the representatives in Annapolis wouldn’t listen a few years ago about the danger of building the InterCounty Connector (ICC).

Specifically, they were told the state couldn’t fund another major project for a generation because the state drained $2.6 billion out of the road fund to build a road few people use.

Few use it because the tolls are exceedingly high and while county councilman Phil Andrews has proposed dropping the tolls to spur more drivers to use the road, it hasn’t happened yet.

No. The state’s idea is to ask us for more money.

I don’t want to give it to them. If a business spends more than it makes, then it either goes out of business or learns to spend less.

If the state overspends, the legislature merely turns me upside down and shakes out a few more coins to fund their activities.

The Republicans of course are to blame for this mess. There is no viable opposition to Democrats in this state, and so the one-party state has been free to spend at will.

The Republicans, meanwhile, are wearing tinfoil hats and talking about “Gawd,” and the right to own AK47s, AR15s and a few hand grenades to soften up the woods before they go hunting for Bambi.

The Democrats? Well they’re so mentally challenged there now is a move afoot to sell the ICC to a private company.

Meanwhile, we all suffer. The state refuses to spend less. They ask for more and they keep asking for more with no end in sight.

Representatives say, “Don’t you want new Metro rail cars? Don’t you want the streets fixed?”

The answer of course is yes we do. But we don’t want you to ask for more money to subsidze poor management and questionable spending.

Get your house in order. Clean it up.

Sigh. I feel like I’m watching a Roadrunner cartoon and the anvil keeps getting dropped on my head.

Who can I anger next? Man ought to have goals.

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Posted By: Laurie On: 2/2/2013

Title: Laurie

Maryland is #10 in the country of high tax states. I love the state itself, but I am almost ready to retire and cannot afford to live in MD.

Posted By: RockMont On: 2/1/2013

Title: Sorry, Brian --

or not. You missed your goal of angering this Marylander. I haven't been overtly confronted by anyone I've interacted with lately, but I otherwise wholeheartedly agree with every word you've written here.


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