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Northwest comes from behind to beat Churchill 27-24

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Published on: Thursday, October 11, 2012

By Chris Hinkel

CHURCHILL- Northwest waited to strike down their opponents until late in the game and then sank their teeth in for an epic 27-24 victory.  

The Churchill bulldogs started the game with three touchdowns in the first quarter but faltered in the next three quarters, frequently turning the ball over to their opponents.  “In the second half we got a little bit undisciplined on both sides.” said Churchill head coach Joe Allen.  “We had a lot of third and shorts, a lot of fourth and shorts and we were not able to convert.”

The Bulldogs started the game off strong when only seconds into the game, quarterback Jonathan Lee took the ball on a 67-yard run to bring his team to the five-yard line.  Churchill punched it in and made the PAT to lead 7-0 early.

The Jaguars took possession of the ball, but after struggling to make their way down the field, they punted the ball, but it was blocked by sophomore Bulldog Jesse Locke.  After several quick, solid passes the Bulldogs moved to the Jaguars’ 13-yard line.  

From there, Lee threw a touchdown pass to wide receiver Dominique Williams who evaded a block by defensive back Rodney Snider and landed slam on his back in the endzone.  

The Bulldogs kicked another successful extra point to make the score 14-0.  When the Jaguars took possession, quarterback Matty Callahan tossed the ball to running back Joshua Gills who then fired a forty two yard pass to wide receiver Ryan Markush.  

The Jaguars got the extra point, bringing the score to 14-7.

Bulldog quarterback Jonathan Lee continued to penetrate the Jaguars defense, throwing a 55-yard pass to Juwan Hamelin, and later running a left flank into the end zone for yet another touchdown.  

The Bulldogs missed their attempt for the extra point and brought the score to 21-7 with three minutes and thirty seconds left in the first quarter.  In the remainder of the quarter, the Bulldogs took possession of the ball once again and brought it into field goal range.

The second and third quarters were less much less eventful than the first.  Starting the second quarter, the Bulldogs nailed a 34-yard field goal to make the score 24-7.  From there, the score didn’t change until six and a half minutes into the third quarter.  The second quarter was essentially one turnover after another.  Around the three and a half minute mark there were two interceptions thrown one after another, one from each team.  

The Bulldogs had possession of the ball at the start of the third quarter but once they let the Jaguars get a hold of it, the game started to make a huge turnaround.  Running back Joshua Gills ran the ball through heavy loads of defensive traffic and quarterback Matty Callahan threw a touchdown pass with five and a half minutes left in the third quarter.

The fourth quarter was triumphant for Northwest as they were able keep Churchill’s defense working hard.  “We ran our offense” said head coach Mike Neubeiser.  “It was just a matter of executing…we executed a lot better in the second half” With nine minutes left, Joshua Gills ran an eleven yard scamper for the touchdown and brought the score up to 24-19.  “Someone had to step up for the team, and tonight I stepped up” said Gills.  

Callahan and Gills worked together to advance further on their opponents and with four minutes left Callahan threw an 11 yard strike to Gills for another touchdown. 

 This time, the Jaguars went for the two point conversion and got it.  That brought the game to its final score of 27-24 and the Jaguars were able to keep the Bulldogs from making any more progress.

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