Magruder boys lacrosse edge out Jaguars in sudden death

DSC 5471Danny Scott lifts Jimmy Hasemann celebrating Hasemann's second of six goals in Magruder’s 10-9 win over Northwest in round 2 of the 3A/4A playoffs. PHOTO BY JACQUI SOUTH  

GAITHERSBURG—In a stunning sudden death upset, the Magruder Colonels varsity boys lacrosse team (8-7) scored a power play goal at the 1:20 mark of OT by senior attacker Jimmy Hasemann (5 goals) to seal a 2017 MPSSAA 3A/4A playoffs victory over the Northwest Jaguars (12-4), 10-9.

Hasemann explained the goal, saying, “We were a man up. So, we broke off from our regular set. We were going to run a man from X. We were just looking for feeds. We had a lot of cutters. I just cut down and it was there. He fed me…It was great.”

Scoring six goals during the game, Hasemann was the key player for this victorious Colonels squad.

Colonels head coach Greg Lyons said of Hasemann, “More of what we expect from him all year. A heck of a leader. A heck of a guy. Just as much as his on-field play, his off-field enthusiasm, always staying positive, keeping the guys into it. That’s something the guys always expect from him.”

Hasemann was overjoyed with the win, saying, “It feels great. It was back and forth the entire time. Finally, coming out with the ‘W’, amazing feeling. It was great.”

The game was a back-and-forth affair. Both teams stayed within one goal of each other most of the evening.

At the start of the fourth quarter, the Jaguars held a 6-5 lead. The Colonels were primed to make a comeback led by the offense of Hasemann. Hasemann would score the last three Colonels goals.

With the Colonels down 8-7, Hasemann scored at the 4:10 mark to tie the score at 8-8.

Hasemann continued to dominate. He seemed to have free will to get shots on goal in the fourth and overtime. Hasemann would score again at the 3:02 mark to make it 9-8 for the Colonels.

“That was a real great goal, too,” Hasemann said. “It gave us the momentum again. We were feeling on top of the world there.”

The drama was just beginning. Did the Jaguars have a response? It appeared the Colonels would hold off the Jaguars and run out the clock. Yet, a key turnover with under a minute by the Colonels deep in Jags territory gave possession back to the Jaguars. The Jaguars frantically drove down the field with just seconds left. Junior attacker Shane Parcellas (2 goals) had the play of the evening. With 10 seconds left, his desperation shot hit pay dirt, miraculously going into the back of the net. The Jaguars erupted, their season saved for the moment.

“I mean, I saw (Jaguars junior midfielder) Pierce Barbour up top and I cut off my defender and caught it over my head and put it in ground and saw it go in and started to celebrate. Probably one of the best shots of my life,” said Parcellas.

Jaguars head coach Cameron Maluchnik explained the play of his Jaguars in the final minute, saying,” Unbelievable. That was all the boys. There’s nothing I planned there. They wanted that game so bad. They pushed it well. We had a good shot. I couldn’t be happier with that.”

Maluchnik said of Parcellas’ goal, “…That last play. We’ve been talking a lot about him controlling and keeping things calm in his head. He’s catching and he finally slow things down, caught the ball and took a quality shot. I couldn’t have asked anything more from him.”

Lyons said, “That’s really tough. That’s the thing you try to get into your players, we need to keep possession…One of those unfortunate things that happen in the game of lacrosse. Kind of have to go with it. The fastest game on two feet. Things happen real quick.”

Said Hasemann of that ending, “...I mean, once again they tied it up so the momentum shifted again. But at the end of the game we were really feeling it so.”

The OT period was tense with each shot being a seat-of-the-pants experience. To add to the drama, at the 1:36 mark, it appeared the Colonels took a shot that was saved by the Jaguars sophomore goalie Kenny Yeaher. The referees huddled, and ruled the Colonels had gotten a timeout before their shot. Possession: Colonels.

“That was huge”, said Lyons. “We didn’t lose possession. I didn’t know if we got it or not.”

Hasemann said, “…And the timeout really helped. He called it right before we got the shot off. It was a save shot. So, it really gave us an advantage.”

Furthermore, the referees ruled that the Jaguars were being called for a violation of too many men on the field. As a result, the Colonels went to a 5-on-4-man power play for 30 seconds. This set the stage for Hasemann’s sudden death winner.

“I think that’s how the momentum shifted…At the end, they scored. So, in the OT, the momentum was in their favor. But the man up really changed it to our side”, said Hasemann.

This was Coach Lyons’ first sudden death win of his career and his second playoff win in his first appearance.

Lyons said, “I feel great. You know, we had a tough start to the season. And we came out strong in the second half. And we were talking about once the playoffs start it’s a new season and, you know, we come out of those games, just go full bore, the entire time…It feels good to finally pay off against a really good opponent…They played their butts off to. It feels that much better when you play a really good opponent.”

For the Colonels, this upset was a culmination of hard work, fight and heroics.

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