Rockville Express wallop Herndon Braves 8-4

Rockville Express vs. Herndon Braves 3b JGS 0395Herndon Braves’ Chandler Miller (2) is tagged out on a steal attempt by Rockville Express second baseman Billy Lennox. PHOTO BY JACQUI SOUTH  ROCKVILLE — The Rockville Express pulled out six runs in two innings late in the game to overcome the Herndon Braves, 8-4.

The six runs were an about-face for the Express, who were trailing up until they tied up the game in the sixth inning.

A strong Braves offense made an early strong impression in the second inning, when they scored three runs and kept the Express scoreless until the bottom of the fifth.

Rockville Express vs. Herndon Braves 1b JGS 0144Starting pitcher Doug Pearl lasted over seven innings in Rockville's victory over Herndon. PHOTO BY JACQUI SOUTH The first run of the game came from a single by Braves sophomore outfielder Michael Kuzbel, who brought home senior infielder Alex Bernauer.

Runs from junior outfielder Nick Wheeler and sophomore infielder Chandler Miller came next, and sophomore infielder Brett Norwood slid into home in a dusty finish that ended in the third out of the inning instead of the fourth run once the dust cleared.

The Express earned their first two runs in the fifth inning, starting their eventual win, with a double by junior infielder Tyler Galazin that brought home sophomore infielder Justin Meekins and senior Billy Lennox.

Bernauer came home in the sixth inning for the last run of the game for the Braves, but the Express were just getting started.

The Express started connecting hits, and two singles brought home two players to tie the game.

Rockville Express vs. Herndon Braves 2b JGS 0287Rockville Express first baseman Andrew Valichka (7) grabs the throw and Herndon Braves Alex Bernauer (19) is out at first.   PHOTO BY JACQUI SOUTH  

“We have been lacking in clutch hits—hits with men scoring—all week. And tonight, we get that. And that changed the game for us,” said manager Rick Price.

If the fifth and sixth inning were building up the Express, then the seventh inning was the climax, as a single by senior infielder Andrew Valichka brought home two players and a double by Lennox brought home another two, for a four-run inning that doubled their score and gave the home team the lead.

“I think our hitters looked a lot better as the game progressed,” said Lennox.

The Braves would not regain the lead, and the game ended with the Express’ second win of the season and the second loss for the Braves.

“We just didn’t defend well, we had some trouble tonight,” said Braves manager Chris Warren.

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