Rockville Rays beat Bethesda Barracudas at local swim meet

BETHESDA – The Rockville Rays swim club beat the Bethesda Barracudas, 471.5-320.5, in the Montgomery County Swim League Upper Division meet at the Bethesda Pool Saturday. 

The Rays Men beat the Barracudas, 265-13, while the Rays Women won, 206.5-189.5, over the Barracudas.

The Rays dominated both men’s and women’s events, including intriguing swimmers from both teams and exciting matchups throughout the meet. 

Of highlight, Rays swimmer Jason Tang won all five events on his day. Tang, who is committed to swim for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology this fall, led the Rays men’s squad.  

Of note was the matchup between Rays swimmer Chris Ma and Barracudas swimmer Kyle Lawson. Ma won three of the four matches. However, Lawson showed his grittiness by picking up a win and giving Ma a run for his money at each event.

In the Women’s division, a key matchup through the meet involved fellow teammates, Barracuda swimmers Hannah Kannan and Amanda Liu. They competed against each other in four events. Kannan and Liu are teammates at Montgomery Blair High School. On the day, Liu won one event over Kannan. Kannan took the other three events. Overall, Kannan had a strong day for a women’s squad that put up in a fight against the Rays. 

Kris Lawson, Kyle’s 12-year-old younger brother, excelled in the pool, taking four events. Lawson set a Bethesda Pool record in the Boys 11-12 50 SC Meter Freestyle with a time of 27.32.   

Others who competed well were two Rays youngsters, 8-year-old Anabel Sha and 10-year-old Adriano Arioti.

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