Montgomery Marty’s Weekly Picks for Sept. 7, 2017

The Mighty Hawgs will rule – with Captain Kirk at the helm

Montgomery MartyThe Big Dog likes to eat, and this week he did okay - going 14-3 in the first week of the high school football season.
But that ain’t what’s got Mighty Marty beatin’ his chest with pride.
The ‘Skins are about to start their latest season with high hopes and as sure as Marty loves a good stogie and a Jimmie cone, he knows with Captain Kirk firing missiles for the Hawgs, the sky is the limit this season.
Now the High n’ Mighty cannot figure out for the life of him what Dan the computer salesman is thinking when he doesn’t offer the kid a decent contract. But that’s what happens when computer nerds own NFL franchises.
Marty’s distaste for Dan Snyder aside, he can’t wait to kick back and enjoy another season of NFL football.
And this week he cannot escape the fun that will happen on Friday night with his favorite Damascus team.
Take a look:

Damascus 35
Sherwood 21
The Swarmin’ Hornets get their home opener the second game of the season against one of the prime movers in county football – Sherwood. Now it may be 4A against 2A and on paper Sherwood looks good.
But as Marty is fond of sayin’, you don’t play football on paper and never bet against Damascus opening up at home. This will be excitement. This will be football. This will be a Sherwood loss. Bank on it.

Seneca Valley 35
Gaithersburg 10
Fred Kim may be drawing smaller numbers of players, but this is Fred Kim we’re talking about. This will be a win.

Einstein 12
Whitman 7
It’s the battle of the big thinkers. The Leaves of Grass - O Captain! My Captain! will fall to the inevitable relativity of E=MC2.

Wootton 21
Churchill 10
Those Patriots at Wootton can catch anything thrown their way. They’ll parachute away with a victory this week as Churchill stumbles trying to fight them in the air, on land and sea – if the Hurricane strikes.

Clarksburg 27
Urbana 12
Rumor has it the Coyotes will break at halftime and howl at the moon.

Quince Orchard 35
Blair 21
The Cougars at Quince Orchard face a good challenge this week in Andrew Fields and his resurgent Blair team. If Q.O. ain’t careful these boys at Blair could upset them.
The thing is – The Cougars are very careful.

Wheaton 14
Northwood 10
Absolutely no truth to the rumor that both teams have color-coded their cleats so they can tell right from left.

Poolesville 14
Kennedy 3
There is talk every year of human sacrifices and the Children of The Corn coming from out of the North to scare urban football fans. The Poolesville farmers will put enough scare into Kennedy by beating them solidly.

Watkins Mill 24
Magruder 0
It’s not just that Magruder is so hopelessly bad they count victories by their ability to get first downs, but rumor has it they’ll be happy if they don’t get the field muddy.

Springbrook 21
Blake 7
Springbrook make it by the skin of their teeth last week with an opening day victory. This week their teeth are on more solid footing and Blake will slip and fall.

Good Counsel 35
MSJ 10
It doesn’t matter who is at the helm, who they play or where they go. Good Counsel remains the Gold Standard of high school football and they’ll mine gold this week.

Paint Branch 40
Richard Montgomery 35
This looks to be a great matchup: Richard Montgomery, resurgent in the county during the last two years and Paint Branch – always strong until the playoffs. It’s at home and that gives R.M. the edge - they could end up pulling off the upset here. But, it’s early enough in the season Marty still favors Paint Branch - until the seasons change anyway.

Northwest 35
Walter Johnson 10
W.J. is so ecstatic over last week’s victory they may take this Friday night off to celebrate.
Retiring one and done isn’t in the books though, so count on Northwest to end W.J.’s perfect season.

B-CC 21
Rockville 6
No truth to the rumor that Rockville’s new jerseys were made in “Trump Orange.”

Landon 28
St. Mary’s 10
Marty saw Landon play last week and was he impressed. The Bears could maul all of their competition this year.

Sulphur Springs 28
Avalon 10
Head coach Tyree Spinner is still trying to get a few of the Hawgs on contract waivers to fill out his Avalon roster.

Bullis 55
Fork Union 0
Stick a big Fork in the union. Bullis is having none of it. They look as strong as they’ve ever looked and Doug Miller as an assistant coach only solidifies the quality of teaching at Bullis.

G. Prep 35
Gilman 10
Dan Paro’s boys at Prep are game for any foe - rain or snow.
So watch where you go - this team will be playing until the fat guy says “Ho Ho Ho.”


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